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last post in part II was from JoKeR:

and also how long does it take to get into the ld from a WILD if your napping or WBTB?

I know there are different kinds of meditation, but Yoga/Hindu type meditation (the type meant by most westerners when they say “meditation”) involves focusing on one thing without letting your mind wander, and thereby entering an altered state of consciousness. How is this different from WILD? The only difference I can think of is that WILD occurs when you would ordinarily be going to sleep, and meditation generally happens earlier in the day. Is this the only difference?

To continue the discussion of dreams within dreams in part 2, I had a dream this morning that proves that you can wake up directly from a “meta-dream.” I was dreaming about something weird and decided to go to sleep. I had a false WILD where I was backstage in a theater. A play rehearsal was going on. (I was really lucid in this dream. It wasn’t the fake lucidity you get from false WILDs sometimes.) Some other stuff happened. The dream was kind of unstable, so I did the spinning thing. I woke up directly to reality. I went back to sleep and had a real WILD.

i Had 5 WILDs in a row one morning. I started wit a DILD and after a lil while i woke up then had a WILD. and went back to my lucid dream were i had left off. I was able to continue my LD for a long time wakin up at different times then having a WILD to fall back into it were i left off. It took lik 20-25 seconds from being awake to fallin back asleep into it.

I had my first WILD (not first LD) 2 nights ago. I had the vibrations and i wondered if we get them every night even if we don’t dream or LD. While i had them i also had the feeling that i had always had them even though i never had :eh: . (it might not make sense to you, but it makes sense to me) This led me to thinking about if we actually have them everynight but just don’t remember or realise it.
Also when i had it, it wasn’t a direct path to a LD. I had the vibrations, then i may have gone to sleep (i don’t know how long) and then my first dream was an LD.
I haven’t really been keeping in touch with this thread (so many posts to read, so little time) so could you tell me if this is whats supposed to happen and what you think about vibrations everynight.

I’ve been trying to WILD for a few times now, but i never seem to be able to get in a dream. I usually just fall asleep. I start by counting, tried various counting methods, but I always lose count. I have the vibrations, nearly all the time, followed by a very quiet and a peaceful period, sort of like the eye of a tornado(or a twister). But last night, actually this morning, after I lost the count, I realised i should be counting, so I continued again, and then it was like something pushing me to my left side, or more like dragging me to the left, a great big suction, and after I had gone some distance with it(I thought) I couldn’t do it anymore and just woke up. Has anyone have any tips for me to get past that period. It’s really tricky for me. P.s. If this is bad English, then I apologize, i’m not English :confused:

Alex, you said that since we have them (but don’t remember them) every night, you don’t think that they are a direct path to LD’s. The idea of a WILD (I think from having read this forum) is to get into that stage while part of your brain is still conscious, which means that you will be able to remember it. This makes it so that when you slip into a dream, that part of your brain will hopefully still be concious and you can have an LD. It happens when we go to sleep normally, but since part of our brain isn’t conscious we don’t remember it.

Sorry if I got anything wrong, but that’s what I think from reading the forum.

Edit: LOL Sorry I feel stupid now, I misread your post, you said that when you had vibrations it wasn’t a direct link to an LD, but I thought you said that since we get them every night but just don’t remember them, you don’t think they are a direct path to LD’s. Oops.

Heh, I have no idea why I’m posting this, but it’s on the subject. All of my WILD’s usually happen when I wake up at any time from 1:00-6:00am. And they’re usually the most powerful LDs for me.

I’m saying again that the best way to do WILD is listening to nice music that you really love, if it’s music that you really love to hear then it’s the easiest method in the world! just put a nice music near your bed, radio or a CD that you really love, if it’s music that you really really love then it will just pull you like a magnet and you’ll not be wondering with your thoughts like in other WILD methods…

try it! it’s so fun and easy! :content:


THANKYOU LucidGuess!!! :grin: :cool_laugh: :grin:

Seeing your post reminded me of an ancient technique I used when I was very young, which helped me experience my first childhood LDs!

I went to sleep listening to a small radio next to my bed, this helped me achieve what i now know as WILD. Also, if I couldnt remember falling asleep and entering a dream, the sound of the radio channel I was listening to would enter my dream in the background and i would do a subconsious reality check.

I would say 99% of my childhood LDs happened this way…
I have only just got back into LDs and this last post by LucidGuess has brought back thousands of lost memories! I suggest you all go to sleep listening to the radio or putting your fav song on repeat so you hear it in your sleep and do an RC, you probably have a 30-40% chance of an LD your first time!!!

I will say this again: I suggest you all go to sleep listening to the radio or putting your fav song on repeat so you hear it in your sleep and do an RC.

Only put the music on as loud as you feel will be safe, I woke myself up alot using this method because my music was too loud… :shy:


I just thought about a combination of alcohol and WILD.
First I have to say that it is not so easy for me to fall asleep, so I never had WILD.
Yesterday I was at a friends, I was a bit drunk and very tired, so I just fell asleep while listening to someone playing the guitar.When I awoke I was soooo tired.And this happens always to me when I drink, sleep , and then awake to go in my bed.
As I brushed my teths I remembered that this was a good chance to WILD.But till I walked over to my bed I forgot it, and I fall asleep immediately…

So, my question:
Do you think that WILD is better the sleepier you are, or is it hard if you are so sleepy that you just can´t stay awake for long?


P.S: I tink I will try MWILD tonight, or in the next days

Again about the Music WILD method, it’s not as you said just put music near your bed that will make you a lucid dream, first of all you must put music (songs) that you really love to hear! your favorites songs! this is the MOST IMPORTENT thing in this method! if it’s music that you don’t REALLY love then very soon you will start wondering with your thoughts! so you MUST put songs that you really love very much! it’s VERY importent!!

Second - you should put all your attention to the music only, don’t start thinking other things at this time! you’ll se that it’s very easy if you put music that you really love, it will pull you like a magnet, it will be SO easy!

Also it’s importent to know that you should do it ONLY after 5-6 hours of sleep and not first time when you go to sleep! the best time to do it is at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning, then it’s still dark and not noise so it’s much more easy to fall asleep again.

Good Luck!!

Lucid me

I should try that method tonight. Thanks LucidGuess :content:

I’m really glad you’ve found a method that works for you Lucid Guess, but you’ve got to remember, everybodys different. What I’m saying is, you shouldn’t start advising people to try it only under the circumstances that work best for you, because for them, it might work better a totally different way. Take me for example, I tried waking up early in the morning a couple of hours before my usual wake up time, and it didn’t do nothing for my dreams except mess up my dream recall. Secondly, my CD player was broken, forcing me to do MWILD by listening to the radio (believe me that can get annoying) but that was the only time I was able to get the vibrations. :alien:

So we should probably be encouraging begginers to try as many viriaty of ways as possible before they get stuck on one that might not even work for them. :bored: Sorry if this message was kind of rambling but I was just saying, See you! :content:

It’s a method that can work for many other people, so why not to tell people about it? i have tried many methods for WILD and i have found that this was much better then all the others, also you yourself said that it was the only time you where able to get the vibrations! OK so your CD player was broken, whose problem it that? next time do it with a CD that works and you’ll have much more chances to have a lucid dream…

I think that this method is great, so why not letting new people to know about it hmm…??

And again, the REALLY most importent thing in this method is to do it with songs ( /music ) that you REALLY LOVE to hear!!! this is the most importent point in this method, it’s works only if you put music that is really your Favorite, then it will just pull you very easily not letting you wondering with your thoughts at this time.

Sorry if this message was kind of rambling but I was just saying, See ya!

Lucid me

hello again! :smile:
i just want to add something to my last post which I should have mentioned before…

Personally, the radio technique works for me because I only think of it as a background noise and try and focus my mind on entering a lucid dream(after 5-6hrs of sleep). The radio is only a “tool” that I use to help me RC in a dream when i hear a radio. Its like fuzzy bubblegum said, focusing your attention on the radio can get very annoying, which is why I am suggesting to you to think of it as “background noise”.

Again, I should have mentioned this before, as I can see there could be many misunderstandings! :shy:

BUT, everyone is different, and the same things can work differently for different people. This is why tonight, I am going to try the LucidGuess MILD method. Can’t hurt to try something new!


I have had only one lucid dream (DILD) so far but this night I wanted to try WILD. I went to sleep after midnight and woke up at 5. I started doing WILD but I didn’t succeed and after 2 hour I gave up. I was probably thinking to much about not loosing consciousness. Unfortunatelly I couldn’t fall asleep any more this night :sad:
Any suggestions?

Sorry that I send me last message in two copies. Haven’t done it deliberately and I now know why this happened so it won’t happen again.
Sorry one more time.

i have tried wild a few times, and i have had zero success. a couple nights ago i tried what you said - i set my alarm for 5:30 and put on kid a by radiohead which has been living in my car cd player for the past couple weeks. when i woke up, i focused on the music and let it go, but after idioteque (about thirty minutes into it) i got impatient and turned it off and went back to sleep. when i try wilds i usually get to about thirty minutes before i get impatient, because all i usually feel is a slight tingling and numbness which is actually probably my limbs falling asleep. i never get to the vibrations or hypnogogic’s. should i wait longer? any other suggestions or help? i’m having about the same amount of luck with dild’s and i really want to do the wild.