the big WILD topic part III

Sure you have to wait longer! do you want or you don’t want a lucid dream??? you should wait even one hour, or hour and a half, just wait in bed untill it’s happen, don’t be so impatient !! most chances ( if you do it at about 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning after 5 hours of sleep ) that it will happen after less then an hour, but if you want a lucid dream you have to wait!

Just use a normal radio or a CD player, but don’t put anything in your ears so you can leep.



A lot of people seem to be forgetting the basic rules that states: “People can only have a LD when they are alseep!” :wink:

You do actually have to fall asleep at some point for it to work, so it’s generally not a good idea to try things that you’re not used to sleeping through. I’m talking mainly about music, which can be a powerful induction method for some, but if (Like me) you find it hard to fall asleep with ambiant music then it’s probably not going to get you anywhere.

Also, while it’s important to maintain the desire to LD while you fall asleep, it’s also very easy to try TOO hard, which results in too much excitement while you’re laying there, and no chance of going to sleep until you clear the idea from your mind.

I usually enjoy a fairly high rate of success with this method by doing nothing more than using my imagination intensively as I go back to sleep. Usually I try to produce a scene of some sort (Last night is was a christmas tree, for some reason), then I ‘fly’ around that scene as if I was nothing more than a camera trying to notice as much detail on each object as I can.

After a few minutes, you can tell if you’re close to falling asleep because your conscious mind will begin talking about jibberish (I hope you understand what I mean) and your mind will start wandering from the scene you were looking at, to something completely random. Whenever this happens, you should try to return to the original scene, but don’t ‘shock’ yourself into regaining full awareness if you can help it.

Eventually, if you’re sucessful you will suddenly realize that once again the view has changed to something random, only this time you notice that what you are seeing is not random shapes and colors, but a complete scene which you are now part of. Congratuations, you’ve stepped straight into a dream :smile:

Why some of you talk about WILD technique as something easy? If it would be so noone would even try doing RC. They will just go to bed, do WILD and a LD is just there. In my entire live I’ve fallen asleep over 7000 times always losing consciousness. Now it has to be different. Is that easy? :sad:
But thanks for all advices, some day it will help :happy:

I agree with you Apollo. WILD needs a lot of practise before it can be succesful.

Well, this morning I tried Music-WILD, and it was the first time ever that I got this feeling of floating up from my body! I didn’t get to the sleep paralysis or vibrations (the floating ended after a while), however, and I think I did this a little bit late in the morning, so it was hard to get success. I will try it again early the next morning.

BTW. I used wireless headphones, and I had no problem (trying to) sleep with them on :smile:


As I said, some people find it easier to sleep with music playing than others. I guess it all depends on what you are used to. In fact, I know some people who simply can’t get to sleep at all without music, because they spent most of their lives listening to it while they slept.

A lot of people think WILD is probably the easiest way to induce a LD. They may even be right, who knows? But the point remains that LDs are not something that you can do without a lot of practise and training beforehand. After all, you are actually CHANGING something in your mind.

Cordless headphones. That’s a good idea. Unfortunatelly i can only sleep on my back when I’m wearing mine. I wasn’t lucid after trying that this night but it really helps to fall asleep.I could recall 7 dreams this morning. I don’t know if it was because of listening the music for the whole night.

Well I didn’t have time to do WILD this morning as I had other stuff to do this morning :sad: but about wireless headphones, the ones I have, are relatively big and clumsy, so I can’t lie on my side with them on. But does that matter? The best sleeping position for WILDs is on your back, and you are not supposed to change position in the bed while doing a WILD. From experience I know that the worst SPs occurs when I sleep on the side in the bed. And it’s easier to use. With the ones I have, I use the stereo in the living-room which is 5m and two walls away from my bed :smile:

That music thing would DEFINITELY not work for me. I can’t go to sleep if anything’s bothering me. I can’t get to sleep when lights are on, the door is open, or music is playing.
When I was about 8, I used to fall asleep to this tape of the Coffee Cantata (a song by Bach about a girl who won’t give up coffee), and I would generally fall asleep before the music was over. I recently remembered this. Since it usually takes me a long time to fall asleep, I decided to make a tape of really soft, slow music and put it on with the volume on 2. (A volume of 1 on my stereo means mute.) I tried to go to sleep with this tape on a bunch of times (at night), and I couldn’t get to sleep. I had to turn the tape off every time because it got so annoying. And this was at night, when I was really tired.
If falling asleep with music on works for you, go for it. But don’t expect me to take part in any experiments with it, or anything. :smile:

I had been trying WILD every day for three weeks with no success. One day I got really fed up, and I heard that lots of people were trying it with music, so I thought “What the heck, it probably won’t work, but it’s only one day, I’ll just try again tomorrow.”

And guess what? I didn’t get an LD, but I got what I was sure was the vibrations. I’m so glad I tried it with music, thankyou anybody who’s ever spoken of it!!! But the weird thing was, well, it wasn’t really vibrations, it was kind of like when you get really exited and you get energy sweeping up and down your body (maybe that’s just me, I don’t know :grin: ) But anyway, it wasn’t normal because it started getting really intense. Then the blackness when I was staring into my eyes, it was like I was looking at it in detail, and it started to turn lighter, and then there felt like there was a force sucking my face up into the air. I thought “OMG I’m actually doing it!” I got really exited and it subsided. That was the closest I ever got. But what comes after that? I remember being like that for a while and nothing was really happening. Is there something you should do?

I think you got too excited, just stay calm and relax.


The purpose of listening to music while you go to sleep is to try to keep your mind focused on something the whole time, and hopefully keep the conscious mind awake for the transition.

Of course, if you’re one of those people (like me) who can’t sleep with any distractions (and it sounds like you are), then I guess this isn’t the right method to try.

Would it wake you up if the music started playing WHILE you were already asleep? This is something that I have tried, and unfortunately most of the time it does wake me up.

The idea behind this is to catch your attention while you are dreaming, and hopefully wake the conscious mind enough to become lucid. You will probably have whatever music you chose playing throughout the LD, but hey :wink:

This of course requires a radio that has a feature allowing you to specify a time for the music to start…

You can do something very simple - create on your computer a new folder and put there all your favorites songs as a MP3’s, then use any free MP3 player software to play the songs from this folder at any order you want…

As a kid i also just couldn’t fall asleep with music or any little noise, but now i don’t have any more problem with that, a got the best results for WILD with this method, all the other methods failed for me… i found out that with nice music that i realy like it’s really very very easy for me to keep all my attention on the music without wondering at all with my thoughts, this is why this method works so great for me :grin:

Lucid me

I’m just wondering, how can it be that for 14 days nobody wrote to this topic? where are you?


They’re WILDing, and have therefore no time for writing new topics :tongue:

14 days! haha

Well it’s nice the idea of MWILD was brought up because some seem to have success. I can hardly imagine myself listening to livesets from DJ Tiesto, Oakenfold or Paul Van Dyk and fall asleep lol. But then again chillout tracks and some quality trance can probably work on me, like John Digweed’s GU018. Too bad electronica has become real bad lately.

I can see one problem that some may have during WILD. I can’t fall asleep when I attempt WILD, and I think that may be due to the fact that instead of subconsciously telling myself to stay Lucid, what I’m really saying is stay awake. I see lucid as being a metaphor for being awake (which in part is), so maybe that’s where the problem lies.

WILD does involve a balancing act in which you fight to keep yourself from being too far into reality and awareness, and from getting lost in thoughts and the dreamworld. My mind always tries to get me lost in my own thougths, and therefore losing touch with reality and then falling asleep unconsciously. The trick would be to disconnect from the ‘real’ world completely and to hold a conscious state of mind as REM-sleep would effortlessly follow.

Someone on here said that they attempted WILDs for 3 weeks in a row with no success. I can relate to how frustrating that may be, and frustration works against LDing (why is that? I can’t remember atm). I don’t see how you can say you’ve had no success, because experience counts as success. I mean surely you must’ve learned something during that time, unless you’ve been doing the exact same thing every day with the same results! I mean I don’t know how long a time we should spend trying one single method, while other ones may have better personal results and are worth spending the quality time with.

I’d appreciate it if someone actually bothered verifying some of the things I’ve mentioned so I don’t mislead anyone.

You certainly raised some good points Pilot.

There seems to be more ways to try inducing a WILD than there are things to do once you become lucid :content:

Personally, music dosn’t work for me because I’m just so used to falling asleep in complete silence. Sure, I could probably adapt my sleeping habbits to allow this, but I really can’t afford to lose sleep at the moment. Besides, I enjoy a rather impressive 1 to 2 sucessful WILDS each week using my own methods, as follows.

I can’t remember who it was, but someone mentioned that they experienced a heightened imagination after attempting WILD for around 15 minutes. This complies with my personal expereince, and I believe is one of the first signs that you are falling asleep. For me, this means that I can see an object or complete scene far more detailed and constant than I can at any other point in the day.

This dosn’t happen every night, and seems to be a sign that you have sucessfully remained conscious through the first few stages of your body shutting down. Usually at this point I begin concentrating on the images, and not on anything in RL. Each second you spend actively concentrating on something in RL, is another second that you WILL remain awake! :smile:

Don’t try to move your body, or you will find out that you can’t and probably panic your way (in true ‘Snakes and Ladders’ style) right back to square number 1.

On a different thread, someone (sorry, I’m really bad with names :wink: ) said that they often had success with the ‘glass eyelids’ method. This basically involves using your imagination to create an image as life-like as possible, as if you had your eyes open.

Eventually, and without thinking much of it, I find myself able to move my arms around freely, and see them when they move in front of me. After the sudden realization that I’m dreaming, I’m off for another night of adventure.

Each time I explain this method here I feel compelled to write a FULL description of how it happens, and upload it somewhere :smile:

You’re right that frustration works againt LDs, for the simple reason that it causes you to ‘believe’ that it will never happen. People who get frustrated go to sleep thinking it’s going to be just another unsuccessful night. To this your subconscious replies: “Ok, whatever you say!”

Don’t give up, it will happen eventually :content:

So it’s not just me who notices this.

If anyone cares to try, close your eyes right now and try to imagine something simple and then try something complex like an entire scenery. Then compare these results to those when you try WILD after about 15 mintues.

If this means that I’m getting close, it just makes me eager to try WILD again. Thanks!

I know this is a bit off topic with the induction method talk but…

I haven’t had a successful WILD yet, but whenever I try, after a while it seems like my bed is tipping up, and my body is pulled in a direction. Does anyone else feel this, does it mean I’m close to entering a dream?

I’m just wondering…

More appropriately, it means that you are getting close to falling asleep :grin:

The fact that you are conscious through this though, means that you’re doing better than most people. These types of sentations are all simply the result of your body shutting down. Usually, a person will fall unconscious at this point.

The trick is to stay aware through these sensations, until you find yourself in some random new place :wink:

oh ok thanks