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xx521xx, many WILD’ers prefer to lie on the back, but the most important indeed is to find a position in which you can fall asleep easily.

It’s not really a dream. I think it’s closer to HI but it’s a very curious HI. As you experienced it later, when it happens, you can move easily your body and you’re not asleep at all.

These questions have been answered many times on the forum. WILD can be done without WBTB. It seems it’s harder and most often people who do that easily are naturally subject to SOREM sleep indeed. In some cases, like sleep deprivation, every can experience SOREM sleep and have a WILD when going to sleep. Now if WILD makes you lose sleep, it means you focus too much on your practice.

Thanks for the advice, Alextanium and Basilus West. I usually don’t sleep on my back, so that probably isn’t the best position for my to try WILD in.

The thing that confused me about the HI is how stable it was. The second time, I must have stared at it for at least 20 seconds, trying to figure out whether it was a dream scene or what. I thought most HI only lasted a few seconds. If HI can be so dream-like, how do I tell when I’m actually dreaming? I can’t do an RC, as the movement would wake me up if it’s just HI. :confused:

Alright, so I have been attempting WILD lately and am stuck. Now I started reading about lucid dreaming like 2 1/2 months ago I have always, however, been conscious for allot of starting to fall asleep. I almost always see dream fragments without even trying. I have attempted WILD about 3 times (7 if you count each individually, instead of each session) and it usually goes like this:
I lay down and begin to relax. Some random thoughts begin to enter my head and I replay some parts of the day. Then my body begins to go numb (and sometimes it feels like it is melting together.) I start to count and it becomes more numb. I sometimes hear slight noises (like the beep-beep-beep you get when you take too long to dial.) Sometimes my eyes flutter and I start to try to separate my dream body from my real one. I always seem to wake back up around this point. My body loses the numbness and I lay still but my body still wakes up on me. I usually try it again a couple time and it gets harder each time until I give up trying to WILD for the time being.
I should also note the first time I attempted to WILD it was because I realized I was halfway there already. I did not even plan on trying to–but it’s got me hooked.

This isn’t a healthy suggestion. I have insomnia. WILD often helps most times, because my body (and mind) long for REM sleep. A lot of people who don’t get enough REM sleep during the weeek, usually try to catch up for the REM when they can. My pschology professor said most people hit REM sleep right away after longing for REM for so long. I guess if you’re busy like me during the week with school, work, studying, and exercise or whatever, WILD would be easy for you around the middle or end of the week.

xx521xx wrote:

How do you tell when you are actually dreaming? The first thing is that in WILD you should feel your body going to sleep (numbness, vibrations etc.). A second thing to consider is that if you are trying to have a lucid dream my assumption is that you want an actual dreamscape and not just some colors floating around.
To achieve this you keep laying there and wait for the hypnagogic imagery to become a scene which you the gently project yourself into.
I’m somewhat confused by what you said about the RC, what kind of an RC are you trying to do, if it is a physical motion RC and will wake you up if you preform it then you are not dreaming because you can move around in a dream just fine.

Lucidity_Master, let me re-explain what happened to me (in a nutshell), as I think I might’ve left out a few details…

While I was trying to WILD, I began to see patterns of light. My body became more and more relaxed, and numb, but I never felt any vibrations. After a while, a scene that looked completely convincing, as if I was laying in bed in a different position with my eyes open, appeared and did not disappear quickly. It felt almost as if I was laying in that position, but in reality, I wasn’t. My body was numb and I couldn’t really tell whether my eyes were open or closed by feeling anymore, but I had been struggling to keep them closed, so I assumed I had finally failed. Basilus West told me that this was some form of HI. That’s what has me confused. This HI was just like a dream, so how do I tell the difference between a real dream and HI that seems just like a dream? I don’t know whether I’m really dreaming or not, so I don’t know whether the RC would wake me up or not. :help:

Ah yes, one of the problems with WILD. :nerd_face:
One thing that you could try at that point is seeing if you could sink down through your bed. Just imangen that you are going deeper and deeper into the bed. You could also try to float up. Some people also try to roll out of their body. That would come closest to moving and could wake you up if you are not asleep enough.
As for HI, befor you go to sleep, everything that you see that is more then colored points is HI. That is if you see faces, people or things that is HI. If you see complet scenes, if you are awake, it’s HI, if your asleep, it’s a dream. If it is HI then you might be able to “enter” the HI by “going to sleep” in some way while you move into the scene. This might be more difficult when the scene is you bedroom where you are sleeping, but some people do this. I can’t do that. I always experance a short (1-3 sec.) blackout between the HI and the dream. You just have to try different things and see what works for you.

Thanks don, that makes more sense. I thought HI was supposed to consist of images that only last a few seconds, but maybe I was mistaken? Now that you mention it, I think I tried rolling in one attempt, but it didn’t work. I’ll try sinking or floating if I ever get that far again… :neutral:

Hey everyone. I wanted to ask you guys for advice when WILDing. I WILD all the time, and i have been successful twice. Everytime i WILD i get really close…the thing that confuses me is the fact that whenever i am close, i can ‘see’ with my eyes, as though they are open. Does anyone else get that? what happens afterwards…

Thanks anyway.

What happens afterwards is that what you are seeing becomes your vision in the dream. Once you are inside and solidified yourself in the dreamworld, you get up, you look around, and go on your merry way.

i am very good at maintaining passive conscious awareness while going into theta brainwave states, but i have a few small roadblocks
-when i go into the theta, instead of falling asleep (even though theta is sleep) i just snap back awake after a period of passive HH experiences, usually not too intricate, usually thought oriented.
-i will spend a very long time going in and out of this state and eventually i just want to roll over and go to “bed” the “normal” way but this disrupts my intent to WILD.
-while in theta i may even experience hallucinations detailed enough that they could turn into dreams, but my conscoiusness does not allow for it as i am more awake than asleep, and the HH only last a few moments.
-it may take hours of going into induced theta to dream, such as if i intend to take a nap, it takes a lot and lot and lot of time of this before i finally “fall asleep” and then dream.

it seems as if i do not produce enough alpha waves.

how can i will myself to fall asleep while zoning out, instead of coming back up awake…? i’m thinking of trying some brainwave entrainment.

I am not so sure about the brainwaves, but I have the same problem. I can get into LD’s, but often I kind of surf over the edge of the dream state. I start into a dream, then pop back up into an awake, but relaxed state. I can then go back through HI down to a dream, then pop back up again. I just keep at it, and have had some short LD’s. If I knew a way past this, I would tell you :bored: but I am also still stuck here most of the time with WILD. don

I think I worded my question wrong. Redo!

It takes 2 (or so) hours to get to REM right? I you do WILD do you have to keep your mind awake for 2 (or so) hours until REM comes, or will REM come faster or slower?

You can dream in non-REM sleep, but the likelihood of you remembering it, or it being of a high vivid quality is substantially lower than if you dream in REM sleep.

Therefore WILD is much easier, and better, to perform in the morning just after waking up, or after a nap in which you did dream.

In the beginning of the night it is quite difficult to WILD because we initially enter delta sleep in which very little dream content is reported. However, as the night goes on we stop entering delta and have REM periods of 60+ minutes.
Thus it is much easier to WILD at the end of the night because you fall asleep much quicker and have a much higher chance of dreaming and remembering it.

Was this a WILD?
I was asleep and the next thing i knew i was in a place i have never been and i knew i was dreaming because i walked through a wall…
If it is… i don’t know what I did it have it…
i just ate a sandwich, a banana, and a few drinks of tea.
I went to bed then… and the second i entered the dream I knew…
odd :wiske:

If you fell asleep normally before finding yourself in a dream, I don’t think it was really WILD. WILD involves remaining concious as you fall asleep, so you should remain concious from the time you lay down until you find yourself dreaming. If you simply fell asleep as usual but knew you were dreaming as soon as a dream started, it sounds more like a spontaneous DILD. :smile:

ohhh cool I wanna have more of those =p
but i don’t think it’s a good idea to realy on that im going for a WILD tonight :peek:

Okay, now my question is answered. Thank you all muchly

Okay, recently I´ve been having some succes with WILD, I manage to stay awake. I don´t get any HI, but yesterday I had the vibrations and numbness for about 10 sec or so. then I had it again after a couple of minutes, but much more intense and longer, my mucsles got tense, heartrate incresed and I breathed kinda weird. I tried to keep focused and imagine that I was falling through my bed, then all of a sudden all senses kinda vanished, and i didn´t feel my body. It felt as I could open my dream eyes. but then i got more awake.

What should i think on?? did I concentrate to much? Can I get many chanses of this thing, or am i screwed if I fail the first time? and what about audio and HI, should they also come, or are they not neccecary??