The Big WILD Topic - Part XVIII

Your definitley not screwed if you fail the first time, although it is certainly possible to get frustrated.

Your not always going to have all senses when you do WILD, sometimes only have HI, however most of the time there ar other senses involved. These senses that you feel are the sensations of your body going to sleep.

I would say that you were very close to LD because your descriptions of the things you felt are almost a perfect match for what happens as a person enters REM sleep.

Good Luck

I support that - you’re indeed close to LD.
Keep up! :smile:

I’ve made abit of progress in WILD lately, but I just have to fine tune WBTB. Im praying that it’ll work for me tonight! crosses fingers :peek:

Hi all. I have a problem with WILD. For about a week now I’ve tried doing WILD each night, but each time the same thing happens.
First I lie down and start counting (1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming etc). After a while I feel numb and I feel slightly dizzy. After another while I feel a sharp pain in my head as if someone’s hammering a nail in it and I hear strange noises. After another while I feel really dizzy and I feel like I’m falling. Then I usually get up to stop the dizzyness. I usually repeat it about twice anight before I give up and just sleep normally.
Any help?

(BTW W00t first post!!)

Hey, Alph! When you get the chance, introduce yourself in the Gathering! :smile:

Anyway, have you tried to just let the weird stuff happen? I mean, try not to get up, because usually dizzyness and strange noises are a sign of getting close to a WILD. Strange noises, especially, because those are probably HH.

The dizzyness and falling are also probably HH. The nail in the head is also probably HH, but it sounds bad. I don’t know what you can do about that. If it is so bad that you can’t remain relaxed and keep going, then you might have problems with WILD. You can also try it a few times and see if it goes away, some things do go away after a while.

Thanks for the help. :smile:

The nail in the head isn’t that sore, but it feels like a nail or something except for the searing pain. It’s just the dizzyness that gets really bad after a while. I’ll try again tonight and see if it goes better.

Lol Holy looks like you still enjoy pretending that are an innocent bystander. You always questioning things like me, even established wisdom. We should get rid off this and have more faith in what we are doing or won’t get any further don’t you think? Winter is here now! Time for dream hibernate yourself and go explore!

Anyway, I’ve found it’s easier to get back into dreaming after waking up briefly if you imagine yourself passing through a hole or something for a second or so. Ideally it may come through as brief hypnagogic sequence.

As for OBE I have to kind of turn inside out through a point which feels above my belly and slightly left to it. In my understanding this is the point through which I implode into the energy body before I raise my focal point into the head and above to switch on dream senses and get something to separate with.

That’s very good Orkel! You are truly in the state now and ready to get some help. Basically, you have to simply command yourself to get out of that darkness. If you do nothing probably nothing would happen. Just have a concrete destination in you mind and say it aloud as you were speaking to smart computer or something. Then you should instantly feel being moved.

You can prevent yourself from being sidetracked by keeping your gaze wandering on your palms and just briefly looking up and around. To combat darkness keep turning your palms to get the most light reflected. This is just a simple trick to make these hallucinated hands more believable. But keeping the sight of your palms truly leads to a self-referencing state of attention, sort of a spore in which you can survive your flight through the darkness.

After you got somwhere anchor yourself by touching objects around. Then look for minute details on your palm again and on the surface of these objects. Finally proceed slowly toward the more brighter parts of the environment. If you move too fast you may be fed up on something you need to have a well lited environment and wake up or get throwed back into the darkness again. You can also suck energy from your sleeping body by agreeing upon its general direction and taking deep breaths. This will make things instantly brighter.

Also, walk whenever possible insted of flying and be kept in touch with walls. Later instead of normal flying try to zoom on distant objects. It’s important to fall toward things head first to get maximum immersion and stability. At first the more real things are on the horizon anyway. It helps to look for distant noises as well. Gradually work your way up building more spacious and brighter vistas then test whether the dreamspere has borders or not. By this point some kind of guidance should appear.

Thanks for the tips!

I’ll try to use them the next time I happen to WILD.

I have a WILD experience for you all that happened to me this morning.

After I woke up to go to work, but before I got up, I got a call from my boss saying we weren’t going to work today. Needless to say, I was happy. So I just stayed in bed. I think it also helped that I hadn’t been thinking much about LDing lately because I wasn’t really focusing on it. Anyway, I just started thinking about stuff and after a while, my thoughts started thinking for themselves like they do when you’re dozing off. I was hearing my mission prep teacher and having vague images of my class… in my garage. But I went with it, I passively thought, “let’s go with this.” I had LDing in mind, but it was just a bonus to me while seeing how real I could make my hypnogo-whatever images. Almost instantly, my garage became more real and I had a “fading in” kind of feeling. I instantly began willing myself into this reality, but not strongly. More like, “keep going, keep going,” with a mental nod and a smile. When all sensation of laying in my bed was replaced with standing in my garage, I knew I was in. I jumped out of what had been my garage, but was now the house I’m working on in reality (which I didn’t realize as wierd.) For some reason I don’t quite understand, I said, “I want to eat the best tasting turkey sandwich ever!” I looked down at my hands, and watched it materialize. I took a bite, having faith that it would be great… and it was. It was actually beef, but that’s not the point, the point was that it was reeealy good! Then I decided to try flying. I hadn’t tried it before in other LDs, but have had experience with it in normal dreams and knew I needed to work on it. For instance, I’m not very good at hovering. So I tried to get into the air by jumping, but that didn’t really work. (And I know that it’s just some kind of mental block, lol.) Then I said, “There will be an invisible platform under my feet to push me up into the air when I say up.” When I said up, I rose slowly from the ground. During this time I was thinking, “Sweet…sweet…” Then I figured I’d go bug a friend of mine and see if I could convince him he was dreaming. So I flew up really high so I could see half of my town and flew… in the wrong direction but it doesn’t matter cause that’s just where his house was in my dream. Unfortunately, my faith wavered and I started veering into the library. I wasn’t woried about hitting the ground, I just didn’t want to have to walk the rest of the way. I started shouting in my annoying British accent, “No, stop, up, up!” Then, I felt reality start to shift. The feeling of being in two places at once came back, and the dream kind of paused as all the real light that was entering my eyes (none since they were closed) replaced the mental light. The scene got darker and darker. Finally, as I realized I was fighting a loosing battle, I thought, “Fine,” and it faded completely and I was back laying down in my bed. Personally I don’t see this as a failure, I see it as progressive success. If anyone has some feedback, I’d like to hear it.

That doesnt always have to be the last word. You can fight it if you recognise it early enough. Keep contact with the surroundings (run your hands along walls, take off your dream shoes and walk around barefoot), anything that engages your dream-senses over your real body senses. Spinning is also a well documented dream-extender.

Ya…I know. I tried spinning in my first LD and I was actually able to keep myself in the dream after I woke up… reeeealy trips out the senses.

Yeah, spinning and hand rubbing are very effective but be sure to focus on the feeling because your attempting to re-engage the mind in the dream.

The only downside (or upside) to spinning is that it frequently changes your location.

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