WILD Question

I am just getting into lucid dreaming. When I start to go into a WILD I get paralyzed first,then start to hallucinate but suddenly I remember I am paralyzed and it freaks me out. I feel, what feels like the pure instinct of vulnerability. also I feel like if some one where to wake me up it would ruin my experience each time i have talked myself out of it, Then start to do math in my head until I am no longer paralyzed. Is this common? Any advise or experiences to share?

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Even though i never sucessfully WILDed yet just realize that you are just in complete control and that you body does this every single night. this is also somthing you’ll get better at over time so don’t worry too much. Just tell your self the truth there is nothing possibly bad that can happen. Hope i helped

Actually, SP is the ultimate goal of WILD. You see, your body goes into SP every single night when you fall asleep, that way you don’t act out your dreams in RL. WILD is you keeping your mind awake while your body goes to sleep, so SP is to be expected.

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Well, its good you got paralized because that’s the first step. I normally get paralized first. The first time I tried I was freaking out. I was about to cry I was so scared. I just kept counting until I fell asleep. What is strange though. Is that my W.I.L.D. was about me doing a math problem! Boring right?! But I guess it did the same as you, it helped relax me…hm…intersting…:spinning: Hope I helped a little bit.