The BIG WILD Topic - Part XII

I thought that I would write down a little about my WILD experieces :grin:

The first times when I got SP I was aware through the entire experience with the black void and everything. And the SP was usually quite painfull and I had to sort of force myself into the dream. I remember one time where it felt like I was forcing myself through my pillow.

Then I learned to focus entierly on HI when I did WILD. The only problem is that one tends to fall asleep faster when only focusing on HI but one can also skip the feeling of SP all together.

According to my experience it’s best to stay just so aware to keep you from falling asleep, but not so aware that you wake up. And also it’s best to do WILD when one has been sleeping for a few hours. And also just as the previous posts ‘letting it go’ works fine if you manage to stay cam through the entire experience. Anything that happens is most likely something that is supposed to happen, no matter what is happening during the SP.

And remember that WILD gives you about 90% of full consciousness, so it’s well worth the effort :cool: If I have forgotten anything, feel free to kick me in the behind :eek:

Yesterday I was on the bus on my way back home. Since it was a 1:30 hours trip and I had nothing else to do I decided to try to stop my thought process. I closed my eyes, laid my head back against the seat, focused on my breathing, and I just relaxed, and I could hear the noise from the road. After a while I noticed that my hearing would shut off for an instant, and then comes back. I was scared at first but then i noticed that my hearing would return as soon as I notice that it’s gone. I tried to prolong the duration of the hearing loss, but I couldn’t. I opened my eyes, I tried to move my head but I had this very horrible feeling, it was kinda like sea sickness, I guess, I couldn’t hold my head up for more than an instant and I felt my skin tingling. But it didn’t last long. Does this seem like I entered a trance or alpha brain waves state?

I don’t know but it seams to me that it was a normal WILD attempt… when I try WILD and have my fan on I notice that my hearing turns of an come back as fast I notice it…

I was wondering how long it usually took all of you to achieve WILD. I’ve did it once and it took me about 45-60 minutes to actually do it. so what’s the average time?

edit: hi zardos! remember me from dreamviews?

I find it usually only takes between three and ten minutes to fall asleep (successful WILD or not). Although, I only try the technique during a brief awakening after already sleeping for number of hours. For example, I might set an alarm for 5AM, at which time I’ll reset it for another couple of hours, and immediately return to a relaxed position. This makes it extraordinarily easy to get back to sleep, which means I don’t have to focus on the method for too long, which can distract me or cause me to lose interest. I also try to move as little as possible when I do wake up. If I can get away with turning off my alarm and recording a few dreams with only one arm, all the better. The less you move, the more relaxed your body will be, and the faster you’ll return to sleep. It then becomes a matter of keeping your mind conscious while your body rapidly falls back to sleep. For me, this involves concentrating intensely on a scene or object in my head. If I can keep my conscious mind active by directly controlling the imagery rather than merely observing it as it changes randomly with hypnagogic influence, then there’s a good chance I can stay conscious as the dream begins.

i have been trying to WILD for a while now but to no avail. i have tried to count to 100 but all that happens is i feel like i am falling backwards. i have tried for 60 mineuts at a time. what am i doing wrong?:help:

err, thanks Atheist, but i already knew all that stuff…sorry that you had to type all that out, but it looks like you answered my question :smile:

Hey I have a couple questions about WILDing.1) it takes me a couple hours to fall asleep, and it would be much much harder to try to fall asleep in the morning when i’m not even tired, so i figure i have to try to WILD in the evening a few ppl say they find that easier, but even then is it unrealistic to try to WILD when it takes me that long to get to sleep? or has any1 (insomniacs mainly) found that by meditating on WILDing that u actually fall asleep faster?2) last (trying to get to sleep faster not trying to WILD) night concentrated on getting to sleep faster, by getting into wut i assume was a meditative type state, by TRYING to get sleep rather than just let it happen. While this did make me FEEL much more tired and less aware, i got sick of trying it after 30 minutes to an hour. I’ve tryed this a couple times b4 with the same results. Does anyone think that with practice and by trying longer this really could help me get to sleep faster?also, if i could do u think this would help me WILD signifigantly better? well thnx guys, reply soon plz.
note: i’ve never WILDed so im not real experienced in it. it sounds very interesting tho, any tips r appreciated.

I’m starting to recognise the feeling of my body falling asleep now and almost making it happen at will, just need to relax a bit more and not fear SP

sometimes I try WILD, and I seem to get some results now and then…
but i’ve had two ‘types’ of WILD.

  1. WBTB, slept for 6 hours i think, stayed up for about an hour.
    I relax, and focus on my HI, trying nog to focus on my body since i noticed that this stops me… my body feels, uh, bigger, i don’t know exactly how my body lies (i think you all know this feeling), and suddenly i felt waves going trough my body. This causes to focus on my body, which causes let the waves dissappear. 10 minutes later I had another strange sensation… my body was suddenly getting very heavy and my skin felt it was like iron or something.

  2. WBTB, slept for 8 hours, stayed up for about half an hour. (i get much more dreams with this WBTB!)
    i look at my closed eyelids, at the black… don’t have much HI, but suddenly i’m in a daydream… but it’s very vague all and i can’t see everything clear. I’m also a little too involved, i’m not “watching” i’m participating.

Which WILD attempt is in the right direction? In the first one i was much clearer and i watched from a distant, but i only had abstract thought and those weird jumps (like; cirkel, egg, food, breakfast, early, sleepy time)

but in the second one i actually daydreamed… although i was to much involved… and had no sensations on my body (which i think is good because i missed them?)

i hope someone can give me some advice on this one


actually thats very good that you feel heavy, at first.
one advice , dont concdentrat to hard , cus it prevent you falling asleep.
second sometimes when you go to bed you feel you dont have HI so you can focuse on your entire body , sometimes you got HI and you have to learn to observe them . but i found it hard cus you become aware about them and wana watch better you will lost it! just we have to observe them.
dont kill yourself for WILD.

good luck.

I have a simple question: I always sleep with a small light or the TV on, due to my fear of the darkness. Would that interfere with my attempts at WILD? Do I need to try it in complete darkness? I don’t seem to have much luck even falling asleep when attempting it…

I think you may have shown that there may be different variations to the WILD technique. To answer your question, then, both of them are in the right direction, just different paths.

In the first, it seems to me like you got into SP. Personally, when i get SP its like total darkness, or the (possibly dream) image of my room, me laying on the bed in SP. But in total darkness, it is very easy to pull a WILD from an image by focusing on the image IN DETAIL, letting it expand its own detail and then expand into dreamscape. At least for me, it seems to do this of its own accord, perhaps the onset of a REM cycle while im in SP.

In the second, youre more ‘into’ the dream, it sounds to me like these ‘daydreams’ are intense HI that you are unaware of (thus the name intense, because youre more into it). Like a pre-ND of sorts. Personally, i havent had much LD’s success from these, and usually end up falling asleep at an unknown time, if i start nodding off to them. I get the same thing in regards to not feeling SP. (but that does not necessarily mean it isnt there, who can tell?)…As for this ‘variation’, you can probably tell that i dont have much experience with it. Perhaps someone else can shed some light. Im pretty sure though that it can turn into a WILD, like maybe become aware of the daydream while they happen, and then maybe a feeling of ‘zooming into’ it, at the same time it all turning to solid dreamscape. Ive only had a few of these though…

I guess it depends on how much of your attention is on the light or the TV. The TV would probably be more distracting than a light itself (at least for me it is). However, the TV may become useful to you in inspiring a sort of HI or whatever from which you can pull a WILD. Heck, it could even effect the dreamscape in the LD as you watch, lucid. I guess the best advice i can give is that you should probably try it with complete darkness, and then without, and compare the results. A tip to overcome fear of the darkness, is to just try it, eventually becoming accustomed to there being nothing actually happening in darkness and thus there being nothing to be afraid of. Its how i got over my own fear of the dark. These days, i prefer darkness and silence to a tv and/or light. That way, i can hear if someones breaking into the house or something, and am able to conceal myself in darkness from the outside - and thus better able to defend myself or whatever.

Good luck, hope my advice is helpful to you both. :smile:

My WILD experiance

It was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I wanted to try a WILD just for relaxing purposes. I lay down in my room, the sun was shining so there was light. I imagined a car driving down a curve road, it just happened to be that a Lamborgini was the thing in my mind. Anyways I could’t really “drive” with out crashing or going off road so I asked a spirit guide to drive for me. I felt this strong force in the car, and it started to drive perfactly. My body fell asleep while I was tailgating the car with my imagination. Great sansation of a sleeping body. I thought to myself “I can stay awake without this car” so the image dissapered and the guide left. My body started to shake for a bit.Another little imagination thing happend and ended. After I just lay there, so peaceful. unfortumatly I had to exit this state because this world called for my presance.
I had a good nights rest so no I wasn’t tired. It is possible to WILD any time. So I would say focuse on a steady image that can be focused on a long time, and you will WILD in on time.

Well, I’ve resumed my WILD attempts. In my year of LDing I’ve never had a successful WILD. I think I’m getting close though…

I’ve gotten to the point where my body is asleep. I start to fall in and out of dreams, but each time I start dreaming I’m not aware that I’m dreaming, so I pull myself out of the dream and go back into just “thinking”. My main problem is that my thoughts start to drift and I get into a dream, but I’m not lucid. But when I don’t let my thoughts wander so that I’ll be aware that I’m dreaming, I can’t get into dreams at all. I guess I should just keep trying…

BlueTiger, i must say its pretty impressive that you got a WILD before your body fell asleep. I think something like this may have happened to me, it would explain why i wake up from some dreams into a quickly-progressing SP. Especially the main onset of SP - it comes with a sort of impact, for me sometimes.

Woa thats pretty cool. Its like you got an automatic ‘save’ in case you drift off into an ND. I wish i could do/had that, cuz whenever i end up slipping into ND from a WBTB/WILD (the distinction fades for me) i feel like ive wasted precious time that could have been used to try to LD…I’ll try to develop that into my sub-c. Thanks! :smile:

I used to have that problem too, like either id be in ‘thinking’, from which there seemed no possible progress, or id be in an ND. Only by MILD or a generous sub-c did i get most of my LD’s - based mainly on subconscious conditioning, basically.

By experience, i found that for me WILD’s start out with some sort of image. Before, as i start, i get faint HI that never develops, and i’ll just drift along in a state of mind for a bit. Eventually i’ll be in deep enough that i’ll see it as a pretty intense visual HI, become aware of it, but that is all. Kind of like a meditative state (hard to develop while asleep) that lies in wait, not thinking, just letting things flow. Eventually the image will expand upon itself (sometimes immediately), and then i’ll quickly find myself in a full-feeling-dreamscape, lucid.

I guess the advice im trying to convey is that you should try silencing your thoughts, but retaining your awareness - which will see and experience, but not think about, the dream until…

Well its a certain point thats hard to describe. Its when both the dream and the lucidity go full-blown. The dreamscape is full, and lucidity is full, but i am not sure what happens first.

Hope thats helpful. :smile: Good luck!

Thanks! :grin: It sounds like what I most need to do is get into that state of awareness, rather than trying to keep my mind awake by thinking. That does sound a lot like meditation… Need to give that a shot, because that sounds like what I’m missing.

Yeah, the “save” thing is kind of weird… I can only do it when a dream is just forming, and it still looks and sounds like it’s partly HI. Then I jerk myself out of the dream because some part of me realizes that I’m supposed to be in an LD, not a ND… I’m not sure what part of me realizes this though, because I’m not aware at all in the dreams I go into. I think it might be that as my dreams first form, part of my mind is still in that “thinking” stage. If I’m able to recognize when I’m in an ND and can pull myself out of them, why can’t I make myself lucid in those NDs? :neutral: Odd. Guess I’ve never really tried…

I’ve been able to get myself out of dreams like this ever since I started trying WILD. It only works when I’m at the beginning of a dream like I described above. If I wait too long my mind becomes fully engaged in the dream and I keep dreaming.

Another interesting thing is that I don’t get very much HI… a few blobs of color maybe, but nothing intense like most people talk about. I think that’s because I’m doing too much thinking, when I should be doing the awareness thing. Anyways, thanks again Sentient, I’ve sort of got a new view on how to try WILDs now :content:

Yup a clear and concentrated mind will help alot. This is why I meditate every time I try a WILD.I tryed with out concentration and it failed horribly. I fell asleep :cry:

Thanks for the encouragement Sentient! However, I’ve never had a successful WILD before, so I can’t say how much the TV could help with the dreamscape. Now here’s another question: I’m just starting out with lucid dreaming. My dream recall is still horrible and I know that I’m likely to forget any DILDs I have, unless I have them prior to waking up. So I’m wondering, if I pull off a WILD, I should be able to remember it when I wake up in the morning, right?

Occasionally when I’m woken up in the morning by an alarm or something, and then turn it off and go back to sleep, I enter a dream already lucid. I sort of feel the dream form around me. Its just black and then I’m suddenly I’m in college, or a cave or whatever fully lucid. Normally these dreams dont last very long tho, but I seem to be able to back in to them a couple of times by concentrating on it. This has happened about 3 times.

Anyway, I just wanted to know, are these accidental WILDs? I dont see any HI or anything first, just suddenly the dream seems to form around me almost instantaneously.