Can you get into an LD by inducing SP on yourself this way?

If I use the wake myself up method thingy for SP, will it be easy to go into an LD from that? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s where you wake yourself up everytime you’re about to drift off to sleep and eventually you will end up in sleep paralysis. My question is, is it easy to go into a lucid dream once you’re in sleep paralysis using this method? :eh:

Depends on the level of SP u will be in Tride15.
Sp is not just one level! U got 3 main levels here…low, medium and high!
If you are in low it is still hard to get into a ld.
From medium to high level Sp it is really very good possible to do it…just by spinning already…Also hypnosis works here ok!
Sp is a trance level :slight_smile: