Can you have a friendship with a Dream Character?

I was wondering, is it possible to summon a dream figure in your lucid dream, have a conversation with them, hang out and whatnot, and then meet them again in another dream on another night?

Would you be able to pick up where you left off?
Or would they just sort of start over like they’ve never seen you before?

Also, what are the chances of them even acting like ‘themselves’ next time?

I’m just curious if anyone else has had this idea and tried it.

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I think it’s completely possible. I haven’t done it though, unfortunately, but I’m sure if you keep trying it will work. If you expect them to remember you and act the same I think it’s very likely they will.

WritersCube has whole dreamworlds and characters that he visits every night, so it is possible. How good at lucid dreaming you’d have to be is another thing :tongue: give it a try and let us know! Good luck!


Unfortunately, any time I try to look up something like this online all there is to read is all of the generic descriptions of dream figures.

Apparently not a lot of people put a lot of thought into meeting a character on more than one occasion.

I have a dream character named Ethren that I play with often in my LD’s. There’s another one, my twin sister, but i dont get to play with her much. Ethren though , i’ve called for a few times and she’s come back. She always looks the same, and has the same personality. She’s very defined.

The first time i called out to her, i knew who she was. She was one of my fictional characters. I wanted to see if i could summon her, and i did. She didn’t really get who i was the first time, but afterwards, there has been no question that we’re friends.

A lot of people have also talked about how they have constructed things in their lucid dreams, only to have them persist in there ld’s later. Some things seem to stay alive.

I have recurring DC’s too. After not seeing them for a while, sometimes we catch up together.
I used to have a character named Lucas who I’d hang out with, but I haven’t seen him in a while. Last I saw him, he said he had to take care of something.

But yeah, it’s definitely possible. :smile:

Gah, mattias, you beat me to mentioning WritersCube. :tongue:

And, Loah, that sounds cool. I once had an ND of some of my fictional characters. I felt that they were telling me to get a move on with their story.

Back on topic, I agree as well with Loah and mattias. I’m pretty sure it would be possible to have persistent dream characters. I haven’t had the chance, like mattias, though yet, although there is one that currently lives in my mind, almost like a voice (not crazy :razz:). She’s been there waiting for me to have a bloody LD and get her out of my consciousness and into a dream already… (or so the thoughts tell me every now and then. :razz:)

Ah, I have some experience here! There is a person, with whom I met only in a lucid dream, who I encounter often enough to enjoy an established relationship with. No other dream character has ever returned to me in this way, in subsequent dreams, and no other DC has interacted with me in any capacity other than the storyline of the dream-- except the one of which I speak.
We know one another as friends and he is undoubtably very real to me. So real, in fact, that I hold feelings towards him as if he were a waking-life person.
It doesn’t matter to me that we know one another only by dreams. It doesn’t make the experience of a friendship any less ‘real’ or less fulfilling. I wish you luck finding friendship in dream characters! It is an extraordinary thing.


I’m really interested in that topic because this is my goal in most of my lucid dream - to meet that special character and develop a relationship with him - I often have troubles though because for some reason once I see him, and reach him, he transforms into another character - like I can never find the real “him”

I need to LD this afternoon so will keep you posted - actually I was here on this forum a few years ago but then did not have much time to LD. Not sure if anyone here remembers me :smile:

I have one DC that often appears in my dreams. In my NDs with her she often explains to me certain aspects of the dream and is usually close by throughout the dream. I haven’t had an LD with her in it yet, so I haven’t go to know her properly yet, but I think it would be awesome to meet her in my full awareness :smile:

So yes, I think it’s definitely possible to have a friendship with a DC :content:

Yes, I believe it IS possible. At least, I can do it. I have a DC called Luci and she often appears in LDs where I am in, say, a problematic situation. She’ll guide me and all. When I was 4, I had my first LD. It’s sketchy but I can remember Luci “teaching” me something I tend to do in LDs an awful lot. That ability is the power to warp sizes. So, like. Hrm. There is a tight hole in-between a wall. I could for instance; either make myself smaller or expand the hole. Sort of hard to explain.

On a off-topic side note, I guess my dreams are sort of linked to each other somehow. Mentioning Luci maybe brought this up. Another thing is the fact Luci cant directly talk; when she told me her name she wrote it down, and she’s telepathic.