Can you increase LD frequency by "competing with yourse

I know that Stephen LaBerge improved his LD frequency a great deal just by trying to become better and better as fast as possible because it was necessary for his lucid dreaming studies - do you think we can do the same even if our goal os something as trivial as trying to beat ourselves?
I have considered recording just how many LD’s I get per month from now on, and always try to get more and more each month - but how effective do you think this will be?

I can see how that would work. What works better for me is to have an LDing buddy. I got my brother into lucid dreaming one month and I had a lucid dream just about every night because of it. We did compete a bit, but I easily won because I had been at it longer than he had been. I’d be interested to see the effects of competing with another LDer though!

Competition improving chance of LD and motivation is why the LD4all lucidity challenge is popular.

I’m sure if you set some sort of mission with strong intention to see it through, it will remain somewhere in your mind to float to the surface every now and then. The more you’re exposed to the concept of lucid dreaming in waking life, the more the concept will come to mind while you’re dreaming. Rid your mind of doubt. I like the idea of making competition out of it. I bet the payoff of being able to exchange your experiences with someone else should work wonders for your lucid frequency. I have an idea, something subtle though. I have ripped out a sheet of paper from my notebook. Written in sharpie is the phrase, “Wish I may, wish I might have a lucid dream tonight.” It will be taped to my ceiling. It will be the last thing I see at night. Even as I shut my lights off, my subconscious will work my imagination to remind me that it is there in front of me taped to the ceiling (which will hopefully, more effectively, embed it in my mind).