can you LD during the day?

is this possible? or do you only have REM sleep at night?

Its possible… U just need to sleep for about 45 minutes ~ 1 hour before getting REM-dreams though, anything before that might have been nREM =P

When you nap you are allmost shure to have Rem sleep unless you are seriously tierd and nap for a long time.
Some people have easy to WILD when they nap.

And you sleep werry light during regular naps so its easier to become Lucid

True. I would say that about 30% of my LDs took place during naps, and always almost immediatly after falling asleep… I had one half an hour ago… :tongue:

i just woke up from a WILD and its about noon :smile:

ouu Funkey!

LaBerge mentions somewhere in his books that you have 5 times more chance of becoming lucid during NILDs (nap induced LDs) than regular LDs during the night. I guess this counts only for his own experiences, but still it says a lot. WBTB actually works on the same principle as NILD with the difference that during WBTB you’re only awake for half an hour, an hour, while during NILD you’re awake at least 4-5hrs or more before you take a nap. Hence also, the longer you’re awake during WBTB, the more chance you have to become lucid (theoretically speaking).

I agree with what has been said here, however to clear a misconception; one can LD also during non REM.

Well issnt it impossibel to be LD during non REm sleeep since you are not dreaming.

Mormor, read this. You will see that nREM consists of 4 stages, and only during stages 3 and especially 4 (deep sleep) is dreaming not possible. However not dreaming does not mean you can not be lucid. But that is a whole different story altogether (lucid sleep).

woot is lucid sleep then??

Don’t we get REM quite fast when we nap? And we do dream during non REM, it’s just that dreams are different then. They are more thought like, it’s more like when you imagine stuff in your head. I’ve had a few nonREM dreams and even a few nonREM LDs

Mormor, lucid sleep means staying conscious during deep, dreamless sleep. Yogi’s refer to this as Yoga nidra.

Not always. These nREM dreams are just like REM ones, just a bit less vivid and more realistic. Laberge researched this I think (might have been someone else) by waking people during REM and nREM and asking what they just dreamed of. Another big difference is that REM dreams are more easy to remember because of a neurotransmitter that aids the memory. So, more often then with REM, when awaked after nREM dreams, we do not remember anything.

Ps: Jarod, how do you know after waking up if a dream you remember was REM or nREM?

Well I’m not 100% sure those dreams where nonREM, but they where thought like and happened when falling alseep. I was thinking/imagining something and suddenly people started moving and talking independently and I didn’t have to “act” then. I’d assume this is nonREM but I’m not sure, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

Yeah those are non REM, but that does not mean that, a bit deeper in non REM, you can have dreams more siilar to REM dreams (which is actually proved to be true :smile:).