Can you LD whilst sleeping on your side?

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i tried falling asleep last night on my back, then after half an hour got uncomfortable.
So I rolled on my front, to no avail. I must have drifted off and found myself on my side. I remeber my dream quite well, but no lucidity. I read that it’s best to have a LD on either your front or back.
Just wanna see if anyone else has had a LD whilst sleeping on their side, as I find it so uncomfortable

Quick answer:
Yes. You just need to sleep enough to have a dream.

95% of my LDs have definitely come about when laying on my side. Sometimes, I’ve even awoken on my back directly from an LD even though I wasn’t actively maintaining the back position.

Yea. WILD may be easier do sleeping on your side as well.

That’s not true. Lucidity doesn’t have anything to do with what position you’re sleeping in. Some people are just more susceptible to entering the sleep paralysis state when they sleep on their back, helping them with OBE-type WILDs. I looked for explanations for this but there weren’t any solid ones, just that most of SP related reports included the fact that people were sleeping on their backs.

It’s still entirely possible to have an OBE-type WILD on your side.

If you find yourself out of a lucid dream and want to go back in. DO NOT MOVE! Go back to sleep in the same position. I read this before, and it’s definitely true.

I thank you all for your answers, sorry its a quick reply but i’m heading out to work

i now can sleep with knowing i will LD on my side ! thankyou, its been painful trying to induce LD on my back, i think that is because i tend to only get SP on my back and front.


Good to know, I only sleep on a side so it’s somewhat reassuring to read this. It just means that I suck at it, not that my position is bad.

me too. i am doing Chan meditation, to help with grounding. i hear that Dzogchen works too. apparently if you are more present, it turns over to dreamworld too, i have only had a handful of LDs, and working to try some more. i wish you lucid luck :wiske:

Presence, you say. As a kid, I had almost constant nightmares, so while falling asleep presence was the first thing I learned to suppress. Now, knowing the possibilities of lucid dreaming, I regret that dearly. Now I turn off my mind when falling asleep, so focusing or even thinking about anything is excessively hard for me. It seems to me that if I don’t get over that obstacle, I’ll never be able to make the most of my dreams.

[Lore] What you mention seems to be Chinese in origin. Hm…

Chan, is what my group is called but i think it means zen.

I get overrun by mental numbness when staying present falling asleep, i am struggling with OCD at the mo, so i using the meditation to help stay here and now. its hard at first, then it gets boring. my teacher says thats normal. and until the mind becaomes accustomed to tranquility, it will be a struggle for me.

nightmares are a ball ache, there is nothing worse than being unaware your in a dream and have some nasty experieces for me. i just wake up and kick myself for not having the courage to believe i can overcome these demons.
i think it all comes down to belief, that we must believe we are strong enough to take them on and thats why i prefer WILD…that way i am aware of the transition stages and can remember i am consciously entering the dream, so there is nothing to fear . I have had a few spontaneous wakings in a dream, a few that i can actually recall that i am dreaming, and a few where by i miss the whole awareness thing, but somehow feel lucid enough to start to control my actions, and i am aware what i am doing, and what i want to do, but not that it is a dream. i have even been able to fly and stuff, but not know i am dreaming, or aware enough to recognize the absurdity of my actions. i think there are different levels of awareness, and reaching that “AHA” moment for me seems futile.
i also hate the whole SP thing, but it seems to be the only way for me to achieve full lucidity.