Can you learn from your subconscious mind while lucid

I haven’t had a lucid dream yet.
Anyways, I don’t know much about lucid dreaming since I never had one,

But currently I’m going through a tough time.

I need to know a few things that I can’t understand.

So anyways, can u talk to your subconscious mind while lucid dreaming?
And is it accurate? Is my subconscious mind going to give me the answers directly? Or with riddles?

Also how hard is it to achieve talking to your subconscious?

Lastly, if this does work how come I never hear about people praising this?

Also if u talk to ur subconscious mind then please leave your experience and how it changed your life etc.

Thank you. Please reply because I’m in a dark place

Hello! I’ve had many LD’s about 70 and half of those I’ve tried to communicate to my sub conscious. I honestly think my sub conscious is dark or just evil or something because whenever I ask it something, it just tries to scare the shit out of me. Its like the entire dream atmosphere changes, and its like I can feel an unpleasant aura. Those are the only responses I really get from my sub conscious

I may have stumbled across my subconcious once a while back. It was a maze of rooms some with illusions some with random things that seemed familiar.(Recorded in my DJ here)
I have a hunch your subconcious could also come in the form of a DC, so keep an eye out.

So it’s not as easy as lucid dream and talk to ur subconscious?

Have you really tried talking to them?


Depending on how specific the question is. The short answer is sometimes but not always. My LD goal in every dream is ask my SC questions. I would say that the answers that make sense to me are generally pretty accurate.

In my case even the more direct answers have been somewhat Riddle-ishy. For example: I asked my SC one time if there was anything that I needed to know and it responded with “An issue unresolved rises to the surface.” Which in RL I had gotten angry at my friend the day prior and said something that hurt is his feelings pretty badly. But, I really didn’t think really think much about it offending them like it did. When I awakened from the dream I immediately knew I must apologize to him for what I said. After, I had apologized to him he let me know that what I said had really bothered him and was glad I apologized. But since we argue so much about trivial matters, had I not gotten that message from my dream I would have probably never thought anything else about it.

My SC can be pretty illusive at times. I have found that picking just any DC to speak with doesn’t always yield good results (if any). But you just have to be consistent with it and figure out what works best for you.

LoL, crazy people talk to the people in their heads right? So why would anyone take them seriously?

There has been so many occasions in the past year and a half that I’ve been lucid dreaming where this has helped me. I am more aware of my thoughts and most importantly my intuitions. Before lucid dreaming I would say that I was less self aware and lived a very unconscious life.

In response to Mental Enigma’s subconscious being totes evil, I think it may have something to do with the way people are brought up. Many of us are not brought up to speak with our subconscious minds and consider that a normal thing, so your mind may be carrying over thoughts like that and protecting yourself from your own subconscious. Perhaps you should ask again if the same thing happens and be more firm. Like, “I demand to hear from my subconscious.”

What is the point? When you lucid dream, you are sleeping. So no matter what other people might suggest, you are likely less intelligent in lucid dreams than awake.

However, the reason that you don’t feel the ‘clarity’ in waking life come from the fact that you’re not relaxing.

So, if you want to ‘talk’ to your subconscious, take time to meditate. I can’t really point out how to meditate, but when you want to do a contemplative meditation, you can just simply sit still in isolation. Soon, your mind will clear and you will hear the whispers of your subconscious. It does not speak English, of course.

As for ‘learning’, I don’t think so, unless you’re a psychic. However, you can ‘realize’ things from your subconscious, and that is what you are aiming for, yes?

Nothing personal, but:

You so, have to get some experience before you write something like that.
My subconcious is speaking in my Native language.

I can chat with it with any random DC.
Also, i am (And i guess i speak for most Lucid Dreamers) by no means less Intelligent, i am mostly fully concious, and in full control.

Try experimenting in near future when you yourself have LD’s

I agree with Xaren.

I learned several years ago that my subconscious takes on the entity of a 6 year old female. Intelligent, but playful and worriless. Like she has everything under control and nothing can bring her down. I’ve heard her speak, and it was very well spoken English. Clear, loud, and undeniable.

As for learning from your subconscious, I don’t believe you can learn anything new that you haven’t been exposed to in real life. Your subconscious picks up on things that you consciously do not. I’ve heard words, subjects, and answers to debates from my subconscious that I could be quite sure I had never experienced, but I’ve spoken to people and they’ve pointed out where I may have seen/heard about it.

It does evaluate well. I’ve heard DC’s in my dreams speak in ways I could never do so myself. Using words and forming sentence structure; humor; riddles; questions. Even formulating their own rhyming songs that I wish I could remember the words to. It’s amazing what I’ve seen, but I do believe they all relate to what you’ve been exposed to already.

The only time I asked, I heard a boom, vibrations and the world collapsed in a end-of-world fashion, and wake me up… no result for me :sad: