Can you people interpret my dream????

Hello people, I have been having this strange dream…….I am stranded alone on an island and there is really no one there. The island seems to be deserted and I am looking to escape from there. I have no one to consult there and suddenly I feel as if someone is coming from a distance…and there you go…the dream ends right away.

Can you help me know what this dream means!!!

Someones coming after you for something you’ve done that you subconsciously feel guilty/feel that you’ve made an enemy. And there’s no where to run from, he will come unexpectedly and no one can help you.

I noticed “The island seems to be deserted”
so you aren’t sure if you are actually on your own … you just know there is no one who can immediately help you to leave there.
Does the someone coming from a distance feel like someone who can help or a danger?

May be the island represents the fact we are all ‘all alone’ in our bodies? So it could be a wish to form closer bonds with others?

How do you feel about it? Since dreams mean different things to different people.

I have had the exact dream before! Exept before I woke up I saw two shadows, a man and women. I didn’t actually see them, just their shadows. I don’t know who or what it was!

-Alex K :yinyang:

I think dreams can only be interpreted by the dreamer, we do not know your life, and there is no way to figure out exactly what it means. I like to look at dreams as a fun ride, not as some mystical connection. Its just images created in your head, do they have to mean anything? :peek:

LucidEpiphany, I feel the same, although those images are created subconsciously and could byour subconscious mind trying to tell us something. Nine times out of ten, in my dreams, it’s utter crud.

Well…not a very weird one. Usually people get such sort of dreams and may be, being lonely indicates that you are lonely in your life. There can be certain dream interpretations according to different people. May be others can interpret this dream in any other way.

Reminds me of when I was analysing lord of the flies. I don’t quite recall how, but I figured the island represented a person left to be himself. That is, without society. So it is the true nature of the person. So i don’t know, just something.

You wanted to get off the island. Why? A desert island could be fun. But you wanted to get off it. Perhaps this just means, you want society, not loneliness?

And here, You wanted someone to consult, but there is noone. You have to figure out how to get away from the island so you wont be alone for the rest of your life, on your own. I think, most people have a fear that the are going to be alone.

But you feel someone coming from a distance. You are not alone in this place, there is someone else there that you can’t talk to yet, but still, is coming. What could this mean? Someone else on the island. or is it from somewhere else? If this someone is on the island, that you just came to I presume. This is you could guess would be someone that perhaps lives there. Going back to the idea that the island represents the person.

YOU that is, then what is on the island is different parts of you. So I intuitively get the idea that this someone, is your true self. You FEEL this person, how do you feel that? well perhaps this someone is in you already.

Maybe, the dream will finish another time. I don’t really believe that dreams are messages. And I don’t really think there are symbols either, clues perhaps, but how to verify your findings? Anyway, it’s kind of fun to make up meanings like this.

It’s an interesting dream, but there’s a lot more we need to know… you tell us what you see but we’re not getting much on how you feel. How do you FEEL in this dream? How does the island make you feel? How does the sensory mismatch of thinking someone’s coming but nobody’s there make you feel? Emotions and perceptions are just as or more important than visual and auditory perceptions in a dream.

Personally, the only meaning I ascribe to dreams is the same meaning I ascribe to my drawings… I drew it, so it says something about me.

It’s my dream, so it’s going to reflect a few things about me, but things that I won’t find in a dream dictionary.

Sometimes the logic behind a dream comes to me days later after the journal entry, so time is important to. But anyway…

Fill in the missing details. I’m interested. :content:

Viridian has a good point. that’s what i would say.