Can you receive information from an outside source?

I am new to lucid dreaming (only ever truly experienced it once, at the time had no idea what it was, so I was rather confused when I woke up :razz: ). Here is one of my goals : I want to be able to become lucid, then ask someone in the dream a question, to which they would give me an answer. Example: I want to have a tattoo that came to me through a dream. I would become lucid and say " now I will go into that room and there will be a figure in there (wise old man?). I will ask him to paint a tattoo on my body" or something along those lines, and that would be my waking life tattoo. I understand everything in a dream comes from your subconscious, so it’s not really an outside source, but in the dream it would be. Does anyone have any experience with anything similar to this? I hope I have made my question clear, thank you for viewing.

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Asking questions to DC’s is common practice, since they can be so insightful sometimes ^^ We are so much more than we perceive by day, and relating to some representative of the bigger “us” (like DC’s) can help a lot to see how amazing we really are. :content:

Yes it’s possible I think. I’ve retrieved lottery numbers from 2 normal dreams on separate occasions and I got 4 out of the 6 numbers right with just one ticket. As for getting the same information from a lucid dream it’s more challenging because of consciousness so the information may have been muddled because of expecting to see or get the information instead of it being from an outside source. It is a result of this I believe that caused the numbers I gotten from lucid dreams to be inaccurate.


Yes that is one thing that I was worried about, my higher conscious being too influential in the answering process. I hadn’t even considered getting lottery numbers before, that is a great idea I think. Well worth more tries at least.

Well…I don’t mean to promote unemployment…LOL. There’s no easy money and getting it this way isn’t easy for sure. I think for information retrieval it’s best to have non-lucid dreams and still get the information in it’s unaltered state. One way is to use dream incubation or autosuggestion to ‘request’ the dreaming mind to give you the information in it’s own way.


Don’t know if you’re familliar with Castaneda’'s works, it’s an author that got me into LD’s. though i don’t suggest you look into his work much, but he had this idea that if we sit and try to remember things from our past and let go of those memories we could somehow get cleaned like a vessel and become able to recieve outside info unaltered by our habitual stuff or inclinations. he called it recap.
It’s just a thing that came to my mind while viewing your post. For me personally and lots of others that read his books, the idea seems very hard to do, but it’s a different view all the same.

I got some outside information in a dream today, but not the way I you mean I guess. That is, I heard a song in my dream, (Swedes may be familiar with Thomas Dileva,) and when I woke up I heard the TV and there was a show on about the artist. It was later confirmed that the song I heard in the dream was indeed played on the show. So I did recieve information from an outside source, but I gather you are talking about some other kind of “outside source”.