Can you taste when you are lucid dreaming?

Oh yeah, I had a dream like that once. I believe it was that I tasted something disgusting and woke up and had the taste in my mouth…or something like that. :peek:

i had a ND last night and i ate heaps of cookies.
they were pretty average…

Well, I’m not so sure about anything. Can you create a dream world, set rules, and then wipe your memory of being in a dream and of your mortal life, all the while having the dream rules stay in effect and the dream staying vivid? I want to be able to do that, but unfortunately I’m not sure it’s possible…

I’ve experienced just about all of the senses at one point or another in my dreams, though never all of them in a single dream. Let’s see, taste, touch, impact, sight, sound, heat, wetness, cold, pain, smell, texture… yeah.

I’ve tried drinking cola in my dreams. Quite fun actually since it tasted like lemon :happy:

Yes, absolutely. In fact I actually used this when I wanted to shed some extra pounds I had gained from eating to gain mass. My problem was that I just liked to eat to much, I couldn’t stop myself (okay I could…but I wasn’t going to choose to) from eating that extra candy bar or few cookies that make all the difference between maintaining and losing weight.

But I got clever about it and decided that instead of eating during the day I’ll just pig out and enjoy a bunch of junkfood in LDs. The upside - I lost the weights AND got to try a whole bunch of new junkfoods :content:

I once smelled something in a dream, and since smell is some-odd-number-over-50% of taste, I’d say you can definetly taste in a dream.

I have tasted in a lucid dream plenty of times.

For example, last night I drank some milk (taste + feeling = more senses used in-dream = lasts longer), but overall i’ve tasted heaps of things.

It’s possible

I can remember waking up from an ND once when I tasted sand in my mouth. It was disgusting.

You can create a dream world, that i have done, its possible. And if you can pause time… then you can just live in your dream forever - but in realtime it would only be a second. Of course, if you wiped your memory of having a mortal life surely you would forget you were dreaming…? But it would be so amazing to live in dream world forever…its so amazing and weird. You’d never get bored :content:
Anything is possible :cool: …but of course you have to take it one step at a time x)

Pain? I thought that didnt happen in dreams, which is why people did things they would never do in waking life cause theyd get hurt…?

I still remember this dream from 2005 vividly because of its delicious lemon candy. :cloud9:

In my most recent LD 2 nights ago, I ate a handful of cheesy cracker-type junk food.
It tasted great :slight_smile:
But it was a bit hard to chew in the dream… Like my mouth was full of glue, or my jawbones were stiff.

For me, I seem to only experience sight and sound in normal dreams. I didn’t experience taste until my LD. Recently I had a normal dream about eating in a sushi restaurant, gosh I really wish I could have tasted it but I just wasn’t lucid :confused:

Of course, it most likely varies between people.