Can you taste when you are lucid dreaming?

Has anyone ever tasted cake or somthing while lucid dreaming? Can you actually taste it?

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I’ve never heard of that happening…perhaps if the dream is vivid enough you can feel as if you are actually tasting something.

:woo: :grin: Thanks for the answer and welcome to ld4all! :happy: :grin:

Why, certainly, you can! You can use all your senses while in a lucid dream. In fact, some report that the taste is better in the dream than when awake!

Ah yes, now I see. You can use the senses in a lucid dream.

:happy: Ahh that is awsome. Thanks for that info shaolink.

HECK Yess!!! In fact all of your senses are MORE VIVID in lucid dreams. You can taste feel, everything! Heh… I can remember quite a few LDs spent eating… :content: Oh and you can also feel pain… lol

lol the pain doesnt sound too good. But the tasting sounds wonderful.

Don’t worry, the pain isn’t real pain, It’s more the expectation of it hurting. You just feel a bit uncomfortable in the area where you were hurt, like a muscle pulling.

Tasting is amazing though, I’ve always wanted to have a Sirloin steak in a dream, but even nicer! :happy:

I’ve had food in LD’s before. Before I knew I could though, I used it as a reality check. DOH

But now, yummy!! :razz:

I’ve done it only a couple times, but it wasn’t that vivid. One of the times I was in this weird SP/LD state :happy: It tasted awful! (whatever it was)

Mattiadavis that sounds like a interesting SP/LD experience. Pretty cool :happy:

Yeah it was weird since I could only taste and touch. I could not see or hear… :eh:

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Yeah, really there is no question of “Can you do X in an LD?” The answer is without fail yes, because you can do anything in an LD :grin: . That always amazes me when I actually think about it. You can do anything. Wow. Got a bit carried away there, didn’t I? :shy:

Oh, and I’ll assume what mattiasdavis said is correct about changing your subname thingy, since, though I’ve never thought about it until now, I didn’t change my subname until I was three stars.

yeah! i read that we can do whatever in our Ld’s by using our brain; and it seems, feels, and tastes real too :smile:

Yeah, you can taste. I’ve had quite a few tasty meals in my dreams myself. :devil:

Oh, and try Q’s cookies sometime. Seriously, they’re great.

I didn’t change until I realised I could :shy:

Anyways, this is quite interesting.

I’ve never tasted anything in a dream, but I have smelled things in a ND. I dreamt that planes were spraying some chemical weapon in the air, and it had a strange almost fruity scent. It wasn’t like anything I’d ever smelled irl. I guess I should try going around smelling things in LDs.

I’ve felt stuff such as pain [expectance not actual] and smelled, but never actually tasted anything in a LD.

I’ve eaten wood in my dream before. I thought it was a chewinggum, but it turned out it wasn’t. The bitter taste woke me up, and after waking up I could still feel the taste.