Can you trust late-coming memories of last night's dream?

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This last night I got into lucid dreams again (after a brief break) and when I for some reason woke up three hours later at 3 AM I actually had awesome dream recall (I lay and recorded it on a dictaphone for almost 8 minutes, lol).
Anyway, I have vague memories of another scene that I dreamed about when I fell asleep again, but I didn’t record it right away.
I am actually quite positive that I remember it correctly - but can I trust those memories?
What do you think of recording dream memories that you have had in your head through the whole day?

I would say yes, because it sometimes happens to me. Dreams just work in that way, you may woke up and remember nothing then you sit at the table at night and you’re eating and BAM, dream “comes in”… Sometimes with many details and sometimes just a scene or smell, sound or person…

How accurate they are it’s another question… I believe that in our dreams or to better say dream recall is much false memory… So I wouldn’t worry about accuracy because it doesn’t really matter, or does it? :grin:

Haha, this JUST happened to me :content:

I would say yes, trust the memories. They had to come from somewhere, right? Usually if you don’t remember something right, you are faintly aware of it. So, if you believe you remembered correctly, you’re probably right.

Thank you. :smile:
Actually I have another related question, but that’s probably closer to Quest for Lucidity:

This last night I suddenly had much worse dream recall, in fact poor enough to only be one single moment - I don’t even remember any actions, just the location - and I can’t remember anything at all from that point.
What gives?
Why did I have such amazing recall on Monday morning and now almost nothing all of a sudden?
Isn’t your dream recall supposed to steadily improve when you use a Dream Journal?
It almost felt like a blow in the face to be quite honest, almost as if fate wanted me to believe I was on a roll and then suddenly “hah! gotcha!”.

I don’t know… I find dream recall one of the most unstable components in quest for lucid dreaming. Only thing you can do is not to worry… You can rethink about that day - what did you do, what you ate, what you drink, were there anything special about that day and compare it to the day when you had very good recall.

This night I had none recall but that’s because I was a little bit drunk :shy: and that is normal for me… So just try to find anything that could disturb your DR and try to avoid it, but don’t worry too much about it… It should be back on track in no time!

Good luck!

Yeah, well it’s interesting how dream memories can sometimes pop up all of a sudden, and it’s really cool experience in a way. :content:

This afternoon I had a cup of coffee with my mother, and then she asked me if I had got that periodic paper I subscribed to recently, and at that point I suddenly went dumb and looked amazed into the air for a few seconds - she asked me what I was thinking about, and I just said “um, well, I kinda got a feeling that I’d already got it, but I was wrong”.
The truth was that I suddenly remembered that I had had a fairly vivid dream about getting that periodic, and that I went into the house and started reading it.
I had completely forgotten that dream until that moment when she mentioned it!

I know the feeling. I had a such a confusing situation once… I was helping my cousin something and I had a dream that we completed one part of the work and that morning I came to his house and I was looking but there was nothing done yet, I was so confused that I actually asked him if we done that or not! :grin: