Can you Visit abstract Worlds in Lucid dreams?

Hi I am just starting with lucid dreams an I was wandering if you could visit an abstract world in a Lucid dream. With abstract I mean sommething that is compleatly different from our reality, a place where Phisics don’t apply. Sommething utterly bissare like from Kafkas or Lovecrafts storys.
If it is possible to visit a place like that how can I achive it and are there any consequences to this?

Welcome to LD4all, @inspicienti :wave:

What you are wishing for is absolutely possible! If your fantasy is enough to imagine such a place, then nothing is stopping you from creating or visiting it.

How you go about achieving that is up to your preference. There are a lot of different ways people use to teleport to other places, including the ld4all classic of going through a mirror, using an elevator or any other door, spinning, falling over backwards, etc. There was a topic about this recently.

As for the nature of these dimensions, it’s a lot about your expectation and believe. In my own dreams physics are already a bit whacky and it’s very similar for most dreamers, with varying degree. But whatever you want to experience you can will to be so.

A last hint for now: It may be an appealing idea to incubate such a dream as part of your lucid dream induction technique if you are doing something like MILD. You can end up where you want faster if your ND is already in the right place and dimension and you only need to add lucidity. Saves you the effort of manipulating the dream a lot after becoming lucid and you can focus more on enjoying it straight away :slight_smile:

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