Changing location?

I’m enjoying success these days with finding the characters I seek in a lucid dream (very helpful when interviewing the characters in my books), but I was wondering if anyone had any tips on changing location? The most effective method I’m using is diving through a window, with the expectation of the new location often making it so - but are there any other strategies that people have used?

Also, I haven’t found much of a LD community on Twitter. Is there a Twitter community I’m missing out on?

Thanks everyone.


this is interesting. that would be something i want to do too
in one lucid dream i was at college, and I left by getting in the elevator

sit on a toilet and pee

An elevator would definitely work. It would give the brain the time to restructure the new surroundings - thanks for the tip, Rebecca!

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Spinning, falling backward or going through a window or mirror almost always work.


An elevator wouldn’t work for me; I find that allowing myself to wait for anyone or anything in a lucid dream tends to result in the wait going on way too long and often waking up or losing lucidity before the wait is over. Relinquishing control to a confined space with no visual signs of progress seems like a recipe for failure.

Azaleaj, that’s really interesting - I have never heard of falling backward as a strategy. Will give it a try!

That makes sense, eMander. I have since tried the mirror strategy and it worked a treat!

I’ve had maybe ten LD’s or so, all of which have lasted a few seconds. Then, I had one LD that lasted a while, and then I lost lucidity. It was blurry, but I still had control. I was able to teleport by stepping into the back of a nearby closet, and I was taken to the place I thought of (Walmart. I only chose walmart so I could find DC’s.) Anyways, this technique worked really well. However, summoning a door would probably work better. I eventually want to be able to change things right before my eyes. That, or be able to instantly teleport with a single poof. I also thought about how maybe you could create a fog that fills up everything. Then, make it disappear with the intention of a different environment when it goes away. Just a few ideas. I also was able to fly above the clouds and then when I came back down it was different. Hope this helped!!!


I usually just create a portal or something. Just imagining where I want to go.

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Thanks for these suggestions! Stepping into the back of a closet - very Narnia inspired! Though I’m not sure there was a Walmart in Narnia… haha. I’ve never been able to change things right before my eyes, but I think the clouds idea could definitely work!

And when you say a ‘portal’, what does this look like? It sounds as if a door is the most common?

It can be literally anything. It can be just a door, a closet or even a mirror. The function is all the same. I found that for me, summoning a portal is the best for changing locations.

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The clouds are definitely more complicated, but would be pretty cool. The closet was dark, so it wasn’t really changing right before my eyes, however it was a weird sensation because there was a back to the closet, and I walked right through it!

tried this once, teleported in a city that looked like a 5 year old drawn it.

It can be like that sometimes for me too. Mostly I tend to stabilize again right after I cross it.

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Haha yes that can be so surreal can’t it!

That’s so interesting! I wonder if it was drawing on some younger memories!