Can you....?

:help: Can you please help me? I’ve been trying to lucid dream for the past two weeks. Two out of the three dreams I remember I obtained a moderate to low level of lucidity(making pop tarts :tongue: and trying to fly), but now It seems I cannot remember. I’ve been trying the (can’t remeber a specific name) teqnique where you tell yourself you will remeber, then i write them down. It just seems this isn’t a defined method because i cannot seem to remember these dreams at all. If you know something that I don’t please share. :confused:

just keep trying, i have been trying for nearly 6mounth and havent gotten there yet, i hope i am getting close though

if i understood your question right, then you are looking for help to remember your dreams when you wake up?
well, if that’s the case, then try to wake up yourself with a bell after 4,5h, 6h, or 7h of sleep. then you will wake up right after a REM stage of sleep in which 80% of your dreams happen. the time of REM stage varies from 5 minutes up to 45 minutes, so it would be better to choose 6 or 7 hours.
if it bothers you to wake up and you can’t sleep on after being awake, then you should search for another technique, because techniques for dream recall and for inducting lucid dreams should never “hurt” you in any way, but help.

two weeks isn’t a long time, it can take longer to improve dream recall.
I checked the remembering dreams topic and noticed you haven’t looked at it yet. There is a lot of information in that topic.
the BIG remembering dreams topic part V <-- link