Can't control things at ALL!! HELP!!


Today was my first lucid dream in a long time… and I can thank that on doing reality checks again (looking at my hands is a BIG key for me)

But anyways, in the lucid dream, as soon as I became lucid, it started to fade away, but then I tried hard to stabalize it, and I said increase vividness, and it increased a little bit and I seemed to be fine. But then I went looking around and tried to make someone appear. I said to myself, when i turn around, i want to appear. I then turned the other way, and then turned back, and no one was there. I then walked further into another room and turned me back again, and said it again, and then turned back around, and no on was there. I then gave up on that and then walked back over and searched some more and found a clock on my wall. I then tried to make the clock dissapear. I said this is my dream, and i want that clock to disappear :wink:

But once again, that clock wouldnt disapear.

I then went back into another room and tried to make someone else appear but then I lost lucidity and the lucid dream transformed into a normal dream

But can someone give me some tips on how to control things? I dont get it at all.

I realize now I should of done more non-advanced things (just go explore things, maybe eat something, try to fly, etc)

But as for making objects appear, ‘expecting’ them to appear just doesnt work for me… or maybe i need more practice

Anyone have any suggestions?


Don’t believe you can do it - know you can.

(in case anyone is wondering why I keep on saying that, it’s cos I’m hoping one day someone will quote me :wink:)

Anyways, you should just completely remove any doubt you have that whatever you’re trying could fail. It will work, simply cos there’s no wrong way of doing it. When using voice comands, try keeping them simple and saying them forcefully (works for me when I’m controlling a DC).

I also find that askign a DC to teach you to do it can help a hell of a lot too (it’s how I learnt to run up a wall, after constantly failing when tryign to teach myself).

(probably misquoting…)


Sureal nailed it right on the head!
Don’t just believe you can do it, know you can do it-and then do it!
If it’s your first time, acting like you’re concentrating might help.
You can also try the “magic spell” approach too.

But the most important thing of all… is to practice!
The more you do it, the more natural it seems to be for you!
The more natural it is, the more easily it comes to you!
Start off small… maybe floating or creating candy in your pockets. Once you start getting confident, you’ll become better! Once you become better you can do more and more grandiose things!

So get out there and practice! Even imagining yourself doing things when you’re awake is practice! It’s not nearly as good as practicing in a dream, but it’s something! Just… don’t get too carried away, or you’ll get odd looks.


(lol, it’s fun to humour people.)

The only thing i can post is this…
It was a famous quote a great philosopher had:

Don’t believe you can do it - know you can.- Sureal

Woooh. I’m famous :grin:.

I have the same problem. I know it’s a dream, and I know I can, but it still doesn’t work for me!.. I’ll try a magic ray or something.

My friend, i have the answer to your problem. That is because i have this problem as well, but i now see very very clearly what may be hindering our levels control over our dreams.

only recently i have been very frustrated with my dreams; ive been more annoyed than usual. This is because i have been having LDs very often, but my control over them hasnt changed.

That is until now.What else has happend recently?? Ill tell u. Recently i havent been able to do anything whatsoever in my LDs. i cant even leave my house. the control i have over my LDs is now at a all time low, while my frustration over it is at a all time high. this 100 percent proves that the only thing that is making my control less is my own will to control. you must stop wanting to control your dreams, do not think about it. if u think about it, then it wont work guarenteed. especially when in a dream, u HAVE TO MAKE IT NATURAL. u cant just make things appear, because then nothing will ever happen.

STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, AND JUST GO WITH THE FLOW. just ejoy the dream, and when u think the time is right, just do it.

the more u try to control your dreams the more you have no control over them. dreams are not powered by the part of your mind that you use in every day life. it is another part that you cannot just tap into anytime you want. you have to trick it, but that also means that you must not make it too obvious to your mind on what you are doing.

dreams often times do not do what we want, and can even do the opposite. at this point i have never been so frustrated with my control over my dreams, and at the same time ive never been soooooo powerless in my dreams. its an obvious connection; dreams dont want u to control them, thats why we have to get around that by making our minds think that its natural for what happens to happen. i dont know exacly why this is, but im SURE that it is is true.

im going to try to have lds from now on but not try to control anything, but treat it like real life. treat it like its a video game where im exploring the level and looking for things to see and feel.

This might work for people who have no or little control, but don’t forget it really is possible to develop near 100% control over your dreams, although it takes probably a long time to learn, depending on your skills. I’m somewhat in between I guess, if I want some person or some object to appear I have no trouble mostly to summon what I desire (and I don’t need to trick my mind, stuff just appears out of thin air), but changing the whole landscape or so is still pretty much hard for me to do.

Anyway those who still struggle with control, good luck in getting better at it! :smile:

LucidLover, that sounds quite interessting. I too find that quite often I have better control when I just do it naturally. However, that doesn’t really seem like a very good long term answer.

And to me, it sounds like you’re problem is that you’ve created an unconcious mental block (which I’ve done with flying) in that you actually expect for to not be able to control the dream (which is why you can only control thigns naturally). The best long term answer for you to do is to try and overcome this block (a good way of doing this, is like I said, to ask a DC to teach you to do it).