cant do anything

on the rare occasion i get lucid, i cant control my dream
i cant fly, i cant walk through walls, nothing
and because i dont get LD’s much, that makes finding out for mehself that much harder
does anyone know why i cant do anything?

u just need to be confident and motivated to lucid dream! important rule KEEP A DJ!!! :smile:

I used to have that problem as well, and I still do to some extent (especially flying).
What I’ve found to help is to “trick” yourself to help do something you can’t normally do, then when you achieve it, it becomes much easier. For example, can’t fly?
Try giving yourself wings/jetpack/hang glider and fly that way. From there you can segway into just flying at will. Once you have more LD’s, things will come easier.
Good Luck!

I have a similar problem as well. Very often if I am flying or something in a dream, I will decide to fly up as high as I can, and I will hit an invisible boundary and I cannot move any higher. Or maybe its dark outside and I don’t want a scary dream so I try to make it light, and nothing. I’ve gotten this to work twice, once by focusing hard on a spot out of my window concentrating on making a sun appear, and it did, and another time by tricking myself into thinking a lot of time passed so that it was morning. But otherwise, I have a very difficult time controlling dreams. :help: :help:

It sounds like you might be having this problem because of being in a low-level lucid dream, one where you are aware, but the awareness is fuzzy or clouded. You can combat this by setting your intention to reaffirm, firstly, you are dreaming, secondly, what it means to be dreaming.

To reaffirm you are dreaming you can do things like look at the surrounding landscape and think about the fact that it is all a dream. You could also do a Reality check, but I would personally avoid this, since in the unlikely event that the RC fails, you may well lose lucidity, and kick yourself for doing it. :tongue: To set your intention, you could try thinking about what you want to do when you get lucid. I found it worked well when I sat and thought through what I wanted to do in order, numerous times. I got into a low-level lucid dream, and straight away did what I intended to do.

Another possibility for inability to do certain things is that you are still believing the rules from reality apply. This can be tricky to deal with, I had the same problem in my early Lucid dreams, but after reading about lucid dreams for a while, the problem went away. In the meanwhile you could try to work around the problem by using objects, as has been suggested.

you have to think deliberately in these instances

think to yourself in great detail while lucid about how your dream IS and it will be

if you think “man this is hard” or “why doesn’t it work” then it gets harder to do if you think creatively and imagine and tell your mind “okay i am soaring in a beautiful scenery that is breathtakingly real and it feels wonderful and everything about it is good” then you will begin to dissolve your current dream and go into a new one where that is happening

when you stop having thoughts to program the dreams then you go into normal dreams while still lucid and eventually you wake up but its deliberate thinking that helps you create whatever you want

I suggest starting out by trying things that you could do in real life, but choose not to because in real life they’d be stupid, like jumping off of buildings, setting things on fire, or trying to breathe underwater. These things should be easier to do, and will help you get used to being able to do things in dreams that you can’t do in real life, plus they’ll give you something to do when you’re lucid until you figure out better dream control.

truthfully i cant do that stuff that well either. and in one of my dreams i tried to summon an elevator. but i couldnt then i summoned my DG and had them summon one for me ^^
so short story super short.
DGs can do anything even things you cant do =D they are the best

Yeah, I have a dream journal, but I still can’t control my dreams when I’m Lucid. I sometimes try to summon or call on someone to appear in my dreams and he just wont show up and then sometimes if he is showing up and then I dream about him and were holding each other, it feels so fake and un real like, then it looks like I’m imagining it inside my dreams that I’m holding him which is really weird. I don’t know how to make stuff happen in my dreams. Or like I want to fly just to get away from someone and I don’t fly very easily, esp in a dream where I’m not dreaming. Or even just making a mirror appear is hard for me. I don’t know what to do either. I do like the writing things out suggestion though.

i have recently had anouther lucid dream but the problem is when i tried to conjure up a broom or change the scene nothing happened i knew i was dreaming the entire time i even screamed in crease lucidity but still nothing happened i looked at my hands but they looked the same ecept dirty and when i imagined a broomstick and opened my hands nothing at all happened i dont know what went wrong please :help: me thank you

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