Can't enter sleep paralysis

Basically, I’ve been trying to enter sleep paralysis for months on and off. I get past the stage of numbness and vibrations (Or sometimes the vibrations don’t happen) and get to a point where I feel completely weightless and as if my body is curled up in a weird, unnatural angle, when I know I’m lying flat on my back. I feel more and more as though I’m twisted to one side, feeling more and more weightless, then I start to get an adrenaline rush and the whole thing slowly subsides back to the start of the whole twisted feeling. I then wait for say another 15 minutes and there is no progress. Just in case I enter Lucidity without knowing during it, when I stop after about 30-40 minutes or sometimes 10-20 minutes, depending on how long it takes to get to that stage, I do dream-checks but am still awake. I was wondering how close I am to sp when I get the twisting feeling, although I’ve never seen on these forums anyone else who’s felt that feeling so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, and how to enter sleep paralysis past that point,

It sounds to me like you’re doing really well and you have basically the same block that I do with SP.

What it sounds like is that you’re doing the physical part right, but still need to shift your awareness away from your body.

Where is your point of attention? Are you “looking” behind your closed eyelids? If so, I’d suggest shifting your focus away. Put your point of attention in a space beyond your body—for instance, right above the area you could see with your eyes open and a foot or so in front of you.

I use this technique sometimes to simply fall asleep. You have to get out of body awareness and into a more purely mental awareness.

Also, you might find some success by doing your practice at a different time. Practice what you’re doing in the middle of the night, at a time when you’re awake enough to go through the process but sleepy enough to drift off by the time you’re numb.

What might happen: you’ll fall asleep and the vibrations will wake you up. At that point, your consciousness may be disentangled enough from body awareness to move into behind-the-eyelids imagery or to have a classic out-of-the-body exit.