can't enter SP

iv’e been tryin to enter SP for a couple of times now, and so far iv’e failed. Every time iv’e tried it iv’e been layin completely still on my back, listening to calm music, concentrating on relaxing my body all the time, sinking into the matress etc. but nothing happens, i’ve been layin there for 2 hours util i give up and turn around to fall asleep.
I guess it has nothing todo with my body not being relaxed enough, i can feel that i’m totally relaxed and i almost feel my body floating up and down, but i never enter that darn SP! iv’e done this while iv’e been really tired as well, but nothing seem to happen.

Would be nice if some could reply with some answers or tips! :wink:

I also wonder; does it matter if i swallow salivia once or twice or anything like that?

  • If you are trying this right at the beginnin of the night, that can be the problem. Try it after some hours of sleep.
  • you don’t have to be on your back. I rarely am able to fall asleep like that. You can try another position to see what happens.
  • you don’t need to feel SP to WILD, necessarily.
  • There are other great techniques, easier and sometimes more reliable than WILD for some people, but equaly effective.
  • Swallowing only becomes a problem if you fight it too much. If you need to swallow, just do it. It’s possible that it will take you a few steps back, but thinking “argh, need to swallow! can’t swallow!” is much worse!

just a few ideas :happy:

All mattias said is true. The best thing you could do, maybe, is his first note; sleep for ~5 hours or so and then wake up, most people find it much easier to WILD that way.

Also, you could try repeating a mantra to go into sleep paralysis, but yeah, SP isn’t even necessary for WILD, if your goal is WILD and not SP itself.

Yeah, everything that mattias said and I would like to ask you why do you think you fall asleep when you gave up and not when you were actually attempting to enter SP?!

Answer that and you have your own answer on your question…

sounds reasonable, indeed. Imma try to do this after some hours of sleep, ye.
the reason im aiming for SP, and SP only is cuz i just wanna experience it before i go on with the LD’ing, (i’m aware of that it’s not the most effective way of becoming lucid)
however, yeh believe me, i’ve tried to find my answers why i can’t fall asleep on my back, and i still do. dno if i simply can’t fall asleep on my back or whatever it could be, because iv’e always had problems fallin asleep on my back during my whole life.
why i havn’t tried to become lucid/enter SP when i change position is simply cuz iv’e read so many guiides and posts that says that u haf to lay on your back while entering SP,(or atleast it would be way easier)

I’ll help you :content: , that’s why I’m here…

Well in my opinion and only in my opinion[it’s not scientifically proved :tongue: ] I think that’s because when we are expecting something like SP and when we are waiting we are keeping our mental state to much awake, even though our body would like to fall asleep it can’t because we are not “ready” to fall asleep because we are having the mental state that something should happened and we are just not falling asleep = entering SP and later on dream state…

Also laying on your back, what mattias said, you don’t have to… It’s the same with me, I just can’t fall asleep on my back, I’ve succeeded maybe once or twice but when I “switch” on my side I fall asleep like a baby. Then I decided that I will try SDR technique. Basically you start on your back and end up falling asleep on your side… That’s how tech should be performed if you follow the guide but you can adjust it however you like. I use it that way because it’s working that way.

And I would suggest to start with your back, why? Because when I’m on my back I imagine that my body is like a map, like an open map. You can read it very easily = you can feel each part of the body shutting down and you know how far with the process you actually are. And if you start with your common position for falling asleep in my case on my side then my body is like a twisted map, very hard to read, and I could easily loose a track and fall asleep.

So once when you have a feedback information that your body is relaxed then you can switch to your wanted position and from that point you don’t need to worry how far you are, then you just keep your mind awake enough to feel yourself falling asleep. Then vibrations should kick in and floating sensation, maybe some HH. Then I let myself fall asleep. The next second I’m in a dream… Fully awake and conscious!

I know, it easier to say it then do it but just experiment and you’ll get it working…

I agree with that and support it. Experiencing SP is good. It’s very important because if you know how your body works and feels in SP or better say on the way toward SP then transition from waking state into dream state is no longer a problem… Also training in SP is good, feeling comfortable in SP of prestate is crucial…

I hope I answered at least some of your questions! Good luck! :content:

this is the exact information i’m looking for. i can tell you right now this will help me alot, thanks!
imma try it all, i’ll come back whenever i do experience SP, thenks again!:;D

Personally, I only get SP on my back. I discovered this way back, before I knew anything about LDing. I don’t think it’s just a rumor. In fact I dont think i ever got SP ob my side.

This happens so much that when i was little, I would never sleep on my back. And sure enough, that stopped me from getting SP.

That’s what this is about. Everyone is different, some things may apply on us some not, that’s why we need to experiment and see for ourselves!

No problem man, I’m glad I could help!