Can't Fall Asleep After Long Lucids

I didn’t have this problems when I couldn’t produce long LD-s. But now, after LD-s I can’t go back to sleep (or it takes a lot of time and the further sleep is fragmented and poor.). I use MILD technique.

After waking up, I immediately write my dream if it is an LD (which takes some time and might cause me to become more awake). After a good LD, I also get excited. If my LD had been good enough, I don’t try to have another LD and I just want to fall sleep, otherwise I focus on my MILD intention, but sometimes the daytime thoughts come to me too.

I don’t like to have LD-s in the first 6 hours of my sleep. And also after a good LD, I usually take a couple days off of LD to contemplate the lack of sleep. But still in these two situations I sometimes get unwanted LD-s which are not as aware as my other LD-s and therefore not very fun. But still they ruin my sleep as well. This makes me need more days off of LD and having less good LD-s than I want :frowning_face:.

What should I do?

Try doing something that will wear you off for the rest of the day,perhaps exercising would help,bevause then it would make you tired,just don’t do this during the end of the day .Try doing it during the early hours of the morning,and try keeping your eyes just closed and visualise things,that way,you’d go to sleep without knowing.

This may aslo interest you

Happy ld’s,


Thanks @Lumiscnt, I will try exercising and see the effect then.
Reading the article made me wonder if I should reduce the frequency of my LD-s a bit, though I really enjoy them. =(

Oh no,i thought that article was related to why you couldn’t get enough sleep.It’s good for you to have ld’s,just try having them at least 4 times a week instead of more since it might affect your sleep quality.

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