Cant get lucid anymore, is it because of antipsychotics?

I had a lucid dream a week ago. I want to go into a LD and ask dream characters questions and have power. I want to LD so bad. I have vivid dreams most nights, I want to trigger a LD any tips or advice?
I am on clozaril. I cant cope with life without it for now. Ive been on medication for like 9 years and I’ve had weeks with many LDs anyways like 4 years ago. How do I make LDs more frequent?

I don’t know about the medication part at all. But if you have vivid normal friends I think that’s a good sign, so maybe they are not in the way.

How do you prepare for your LDs at the moment: techniques, RCs, DJ, recall, enough sleep?

Another thing that’s interesting to know is how you induced your lucid dream back then when they were more frequent. Also 4 years is a long time and you and your life circumstances probably changed a lot within that time. Consider what’s different on your life now and if this could have an influence on your dreams and lucid dreams.

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I dont remember what I did differently. I keep a dream journal and I do RCs.
At the time I had delusions I was already in Heaven and that there was Heaven School and then it would show up in my dreams, schools and pools and it was all really fun and I miss it!

It sounds like your previous LDs were mostly DILDs, triggered by reality checks. Did I understand this correctly?

If you keep doing RCs and write in your dream journal, then that’s probably the most important aspect already. Do you analyze your dream signs based on your recent DJ entries? Try to incorporate RCs to them in your waking life.

Next to that, maybe you can try to incubate a certain dream that features a theme that you often enjoyed in your LDs, like the Heaven School. Maybe it will trigger lucidity all by itself.

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I did do RCs, but in the LDs I didnt do RCs, I would have a nightmare where I was in a car in the middle of nowhere lost and I get out of the car, realize it is too scary to be real and realized it was a dream. Those nightmares triggered LDs.

In the more recent LDs, I am either in a cult with people trying to kill me or a psych ward, or I’m back at the college I went to and I realize I’m dreaming and then I do a RC just to make sure so I don’t hurt myself if I’m wrong.

I haven’t really looked through my dream journal to look for dream signs, my handrighting is so sloppy at 2 am!