Can't go back to sleep.

this has happened only a few times:

I went to sleep with no problem. :smile:
Then at about 5:00 or 4:00 I wake back up. :sigh:
I try to sleep, but I can’t. :cry:
Last night it took me about an hour to fall back to sleep. :clock:
I also didn’t remember any of my dreams… :sadyes:

any suggestions? :help:

I woulda tryed WILD/MILD if I was in your position, That was more like a WBTB

I thought of that, but my dream recall hasn’t been very good. Next time I wake up like that i’ll try one of those.

Well for me, when I actually become Lucid, I’m Concious and If i wake up when the dream ends and I’m still concious then I remember everything, It’s just after, I usually forget to write it down, and in the morning, I only remember about 3/4 of it. This mainly applys for WILD, but it depends on the lucidity of it.

I started to try become lucid using MILD. But, as I fell asleep my thoughts stated wandering and I just fell asleep without becoming lucid.