Cant induce lucid dreaming while sleep paralysis

Hi guys, in the last 2 days I have been trying to induce sleep paralysis because people said its the most effective way to induce lucid dreaming. I know the idea is kind of stupid but I am completely sane.

The first night, after I felt like my muscles were twitching/pulling. I knew that its a sign that my body is gona sleep soon. What I did next was open half my eyes and my vision slowly became dark. As my brain started hurting and I heard buzzing noise I knew I was on the right path. Eventually my body feels numb, heart beat raised, had difficult with breating.

So I decided its time to try to enter lucid dream. I closed my eyes and it appear that there is nothings but darkness. However in this darkness space there is lots of objects flying around. I tried to imagine myself to be somewhere else but it didnt work. Eventually a scary girl appeared… The thing is she is not moving but I keep floathing to her. I tried to erase her from my imagine but didnt worked. Eventually I got face to face with her so I decided to end the sleep paralysis by open my eyes. Everythings slowly return to normal. As I tried to do it again I felt as sleep.

Yesterday I tried a second time. And just like the first day, I came as far as a dark space. I tried many different methods to induce lucid dream with sleep paralysis, which I have read on the internet. … sleep-para lysis-into-a-lucid-dream/
What I tried was to imagine myself somewhere, like the beach or on top of a mountain. I also tried to felt the sensation like a cold wind blowing. I also imagine a portal so I can warp directly to my dream. But nothings work. So I start to wonder the reason why it didnt work. But couldnt figure it out.
Does anyone know how what is wrong with my sleep paralysis ?

I am also trying to get lucid by the induced method!
I feel the same sensations as you, the numbness, muscle twitching.
But the problem is I didnt have the sound and objects flying around. It was just total pitch black for me.
Oh and did you also feel severe itch too??
I coundn’t resist the itch man…

Yes, I also feel itching but I can resist. Yesterday I am so close to it. I think the trick I used was quite good. Imagine a round mirror inside that dark space, in the mirror picture a scene. Then imagine that mirror goes towards you and that it slowly become bigger. Then imagine the mirror swallow you so that you go inside the mirror. The feeling I received at that moment feels really like I am about to enter the lucid dream. I should focus more on the sensation. Maybe you can try it too :cheesy:.

Ok I will try :smile:
So when you try to imagine the mirror there, will you see it as a hallucination? Or is it meant to be just in your head?

EDIT: Oh yeah and, did you try to lucid dream after 4-6 hours of sleep ? Or did you try it by going to bed straight away?

Very important thing. If you try it right away then there is no use…

But I have one suggestion. When you get in that point of SP where you feel and know from previous tries that there is nothing going to happen then just let yourself fall asleep.

Have a thought in your mind: Ok this is the point where I will consciously fall asleep.

And see what happens. Try that a few times and then report back! Good luck! :content:

Ohohh! Ok! That is a great idea, I’m going to sleep now. I will report my findings

i heard that when your in SP you can imgane yourself rubbing a surface and that will get you into a lucid dream to maybe you should try that

SP doesn’t “induce” a lucid dream, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t use the WILD method to induce a lucid dream in the first place. SP is a step, it’s a byproduct of sleep. And the state gotten from the WILD technique would usually be called an OBE, or an astral projection, seeing as you literally almost consciously “enter” a dreamstate.

Rubbing an object you visualize while in a split-mind state or in a heavy SP state allows you to focus on the place in your mind, this is half of the process of a split-mind induced OBE.

As for the OP’s issues, the visualizations you want probably aren’t working because of the state your in. You can’t induce SP then simply “imagine” things, and expect them to appear because your mind is still completely conscious of its’ own surroundings. You still know your in a bed, and you know your trying to sleep. Remove these things from being, and your mind will latch onto the visualizations your trying to have.
First, relax. This is something you must continually do throughout the whole process, relax every muscle in your body, and if you feel yourself tensing any muscles, relax those muscles. Let go of your eyes, and allow them to relax completely still. Focus on your pineal gland, or third eye, and then release that as well. Soon, after about 5-10 minutes of complete relaxation, you should feel as if your eyes are almost completely gone. Focus in on your imagination, and let the SP completely wash over you.
Then, relax your mind, and visualize a single place. Slowly imagine the details, and see everything around you. Feel the wind, and the sky. Everything that is in being in this place, let it become “your reality” so to speak. Let your entire physical body go, and focus on this “new world”. Soon, if you keep relaxing your body, and focusing on this new place, you should come upon the “split-mind” effect. You know your still lying in your own bed, trying to have an OBE, but this new place should feel nearly real. As if the only thing from keeping it from being real is the fact that you should be awake.
This is the key place you want to be. The only thing separating you from being in that place is the fact that your still awake. So release that as well. Relax your body and mind to the point to where you fall asleep. This can take some time, but with practice, you will get faster at it. Try and pick a place that is relaxing to the point it makes you want to fall asleep. Like a beach at nighttime with the moon in full view.
This is probably the most relaxing method I’ve seen anyone use, and the easiest for people who have troubles falling asleep when trying to WILD or astral project. Meditation also makes the process easier, if you try and train yourself to separate your mind in a trance-like state, it will become easier when you try and WILD. Listening to music also helps induce a split-mind effect, but it has to be the right kind of music.
It has to be the right kind of music, though. I ran across this just today, seems to do the job nicely: … creen&NR=1

I have very similar visions, the creepy ghost usually comes really close to me and puts its face next to mine. I can’t move my real body (due to SP obviously) nor my dream body for some reason yet I know I’m dreaming. I am at the same status as you on the WILD technique I believe. Remember that it is your dream, and that if your able to figure out that you are in SP you should not worry about the ghost figure as it isn’t real, that’s what I did, and it just didn’t really do anything lol. At this point I woke up because I felt a sharp pain in the right side of my back, this pain was not real and was just a signal sent by my brain telling me to roll over to check if I am sleeping. I think the key to continuing through this point is to ignore whatever is in the way, and just wait for something else to happen, because it will. You will eventually naturally think of something else and the scene will change. I think the problem is that we are trying to change the scene forcefully. Try closing your eyes in the dream it self or looking away. Something will eventually happen.

I VERY frequently have been getting into LDs when I wake up in SP. The first 5 times it felt like a figure would carry me up an out and once I felt submerged the dream would start. Now when I wake up in SP I don’t notice a figure or anything very creepy mainly because I am so used to i, but I successfully enter LD’s 80% of the time doing it this way. Its a very strange feeling, physically and mentally but once in an LD you are VERY lucid.

***I don’t have any visuals during SP >> no LD, its pitch black.

OBEs are pretty much lucid dreams. Same phenomenon, different circumstances.

"SP doesn’t “induce” a lucid dream, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t use the WILD method to induce a lucid dream in the first place. SP is a step, it’s a byproduct of sleep. And the state gotten from the WILD technique would usually be called an OBE, or an astral projection, seeing as you literally almost consciously “enter” a dreamstate. "

It does in fact induce a lucid dream because you enter a dream state while knowing that you are dreaming. It’s called an OBE or astral projection because that’s just what it feels like.

Yes it does feel different, and is more vivid. It’s so vivid that it seems you’re actually outside-body. In OBEs you can have full control over your surroundings, just like in a lucid dream because that’s what it is. WILD is a perfectly valid LD induction technique, and it might be a perfect one seeing how easily the OP gets into sleep paralysis.

EDIT: Perfect one for the OP***

“Eventually a scary girl appeared… The thing is she is not moving but I keep floathing to her. I tried to erase her from my imagine but didnt worked.”

The best way to conquer fear in sleep paralysis is to actually look forward to it, as part of the experience. It actually feels really cool.

“I also tried to felt the sensation like a cold wind blowing. I also imagine a portal so I can warp directly to my dream. But nothings work.”

This is one of many ways to get into your lucid dream from sleep paralysis. It’s important to know that you aren’t struggling to move, you should just “slip out” of your body into wherever. Just keep on experimenting with all the different ways, try to come up with your own and don’t give up. When your in sleep paralysis try remembering all the different ways you already know, and try inventing your own.

“Does anyone know how what is wrong with my sleep paralysis ?”

Nothing’s wrong, from your description sounds pretty normal to me. It’s hard to get from SP to LD for some people. I still struggle with it. Once you get the hang of it it becomes a breeze. Patience will help you a lot.


Once you realize that the itch isn’t really there it’ll go away. Problem with the itch is that it tenses you.

Numbness is a good sign, just sink into it. If everything goes well you’ll enter sleep paralysis.


With my SP, I get confused between my dream eyes and my real eyes :meh:

You can’t say that SP induces LD because it doesn’t. SP only paralyzes your body so you can’t move while in a dream. Another thing is that it occurs while we dream or to better say it happens the moment when we start to dream, but it doesn’t induce dreams or LD so that may made you think that SP actually induces dreams or LD’s.

And it doesn’t because another prof is that people that are having problems regarding SP(sleepwalking, etc.) do dream and do LD. So it doesn’t have anything with inducing LD’s/dreams. Dreams are induced by default by our brain and only our conscious mind can make a change whether dream is non lucid or lucid…

No I was trying to point out that SP doesn’t necessarily mean OBE. Bad wording, my fault

Oh, well you made a good point then! :content:

I’ve been getting the same experience each night I try WILD. I get the objects flying through my mind. I get the numbness. and I relax as much as possible but that doesn’t do much. also, someone mentioned the itches. I noticed that as well. i was able to resist the itches though. I usually try to accept whatever comes to my mind and then keep focusing on it. but i get bored after it fails a few times and just go to sleep regularly. :neutral:

The floating objects are events of HI which may be carefully manipulated or observed passively in order to enter a lucid dream. It’s really great if you can get those easily, cause the rest with them is just practice.

Every single time I’ve ever been in Sleep Paralysis and got up from my bed, I’ve been in a dream. Any time I thought my surroundings were real was always disproved by a reality check. So the way I’ve been doing WILD has been: get SP and get up. I just try to slip out of sleep paralysis when I do that. OmkAR suggested it to me and he calls it DEILD Roll, and even though he chose a silly name I find it’s really effective.

GoDxNero, I suggest not worrying about about itches or being too still when you attempt WILD. If you’re stiff and paranoid, it’s not going to work. You need to be comfortable and able to fall asleep, though kinda trying not to. The easiest way to do that is to not worry about it. People sometimes say “I resisted to scratch or swallow :happy:” but you should really just scratch anyway, because if it starts to bug you the attempt already goes awry. Resistance is futile.

Some people always get sleep paralysis when they WILD, like me.

Instead of moving your body by your muscles, move your entire body as a whole. This way, you won’t have to deal with paralysis. Once you’re away from your “physical body”, you can start walking around. Just levitate it. Remember that once you’re in sleep paralysis, you technically can move things around using your mind.