Can't it be possible to have lucid dreams while being awake?

Once, again, this is all from my memory of my youth when I did have lucid dreams every day:
I remember, that while I was in the dream, I can move my dream self, and my real self at will. I remember that when I did move my real hand, while being in a lucid dream, I would find it difficult to hold on to the dream - but not impossible.
So I was wondering, wouldn’t it be possible, (with a lot of gradual practice), lucid dream while being awake.
If this is possible, it would probably be a huge breakthrough in terms of human brain power. It would essentially open up the potential of the subconscious, to the will of the conscious.

How do you know you were moving your real self?

In regards to your question I’d have to say no because a lucid dream is just that, a dream. It seems to me that it would be a fundamental contradiction to be able to dream while awake.

I knew I was moving for real because I felt specific things…such as the sharp edges of the plastic nose on my teddy bear, or the grid-like texture of these wall pillows that we never moved.
And I knew I was dreaming because I was still seeing, vividly, my dream world.

One of the main things I remember doing is if I cold, I’d pull the cover closer to my face, while concentrating on staying in my dream, because it was a cool dream.

I don’t mean literally dreaming while awake - i just mean to be able to visualize, overlapping the real world, a dream world which you can bend at your will. Sort of hallucinations, but you’re in control of what you see and what happens to what you see.

Children often have vivid imaginations and are able to do this–not always at will.

Otherwise it’s just daydreaming. :content:

Because, that is how I usually made myself wake up. Pay attention to that feeling (of the real motion), and I woke up right away, continuing to feel whatever I thought I was really feeling (such as my pillow). The feeling of touch, at least in my dreams, is very unfocused. Pretty much how a marble ball would feel like in my dream is how it would feel if you were to, right now, imagine holding a marble ball - you would ‘feel’ it, but not as (is vividly the right word here) as if you were actually holding it.

I’m not sure if this is what you are talking about, but shortly after joining ld4all when i had my first lucid dream I was aware of the waking world as well. I wasn’t fully paralized so I had to be carefull in the dream to not to make certain movements that would cause my real body to move because I wanted to stay in my dream.

Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

It may end up becoming possible when our minds become even more powerful due to evolution. At the moment though, I just don’t think that the human mind can use enough percentage of its capacity to pull this off. Nice idea tho! :grin:

When Im dreaming, I can make my physical body roll over, switch sides etc…
The feeling is hard to explain.
At the moment, I doubt the possibility of what you are suggesting as that suggests dividing your consciousness into two.
I wonder how the subject of sleep walking wasn’t discussed yet in this topic…
Obviously, that demonstrates the possibility to move while being asleep…
And that also raises the question of what is being asleep…
Anyway, (my own opinion here of course…)
Our physical shell, our body, muscles, bones, veins … and most importantly, the brain,
is a machine (obviously), it is able to function without interference of consciousness.
the brain is able to give directions of his own. (I am taking the premise of Noble winning Eccles saying that the brain and consciousness are two different entities)
during REM sleep, during dreams, we project our consciousness away, away to the astral into our astral body. But as I said, the body is not dead when the consciousness is away, the body in and of itself is a very complicated machine able to give and take out orders of its own. And of course, it is reasonable to believe that we still communicate with our body when we are away. Therefore it is possible to give him directions when we are away and maybe even you could therefore will the usage of the physical senses.
With practice, it is probably possible to operate your body while dreaming, maybe putting it on a certain routine like ordering it to exercise ? or let’s take something simple for a second… walking frontwards and backwards. However, the difference between moving/operating your body and being awake must be emphasized.
While moving your body during sleep is common (sleep walking) and it’s obvious the body doesn’t remain 100% still but moves slightly to make certain adjustments during sleep, being awake means having the consciousness in the physical body.
So while I think the first one is definitely possible (probably very very hard for humans today) and may very well be common with time to come, the latter I cannot say is possible as that suggests splitting our consciousness. As of today, where no thorough research of the consciousness is yet known to us, the nature of consciousness is very unfamiliar grounds and I have reasons to believe that consciousness is one energy unit, inseparable and impossible to break or split. However, I am aware of the fact I know very less of the entirety of the universe so I’d have to say nothing is impossible and while consciousness may be a single unbreakable energy unit, it is in fact very possible…
Hope this helps

television and projection ,
astrally, esthetically ,

“awake” lucid dreaming.
one does not need to go into a trance state in order to,
when their energy is fully configured to be “at home” in these states, it is a simple matter of, as in with technology, simply “doing” or “using” the ability

anyone who really wants this , to progress to such a point, will have to be mature enough to handle being able to do so!

and though it seems deeply exciting, it is not that you are “doing” this, it is that, it is being done
as in, during dreams, after you have had hundreds of lucid dreams, you simply are respectful that you are dreaming, and enjoy it while it lasts, it is not so much “oh my goodness” it becomes more serene, yet, this brings a depth to it.