Can't LD

I’ve been trying to have a lucid dream for about 2 weeks now and I still can’t do it. I don’t remember my dreams that well either but i think if i reached the lucid state in my dream i would be able to remember my dream. I’ve tried some dream recall practices and those go pretty well but i still haven’t realized in my dream that I am dreaming. Anyone got any tips?

My first tip is don’t give up. It took me a couple of weeks before I had my first lucid dream. I would recommend that you read the book Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen La Berge. This book has helped me enormously and I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to learn to have lds. You should also try keeping a dream journal because it helps you remember your dreams better and it is a lot of fun. Usually after your first ld they will start to become more frequent and believe me, you will feel great after having your first lucid dream. Good luck!

It just takes time. Like mbb809 said, keep a dream journal if you’re not already. After a week of that, I guarantee you’ll have made some progress.

I can do nothing but agree. The time it takes to have your first lucid dream varies from person to person. It took me almost a year. Don’t get discouraged by that though. Everyone can have lucid dreams and they’re deffinitely worth it. Get yourself pumped up about it by reading books on dreams and writing your dreams down every day.

However, don’t worry about it too much. Just relax, merely keep LDs in mind but don’t stress over it.

yeah… i guess i’m just getting a little impatient. Anyone have any sweet idea’s for what i should do when i become lucid? I was thinking about being a jedi or maybe something to do with the matrix. I NEED TO GET LUCID!! AHHHHH!!! haha.

I’d highly recomend the Jedi LD’s. They’re the shiznit!!! :grin:

:yinyang: Increase Dream Recall - Set your alarm for 4+1/2, 6, 7+1/2 hours after you go to sleep. Keep a journal by your side and write them down.
-Dream Recall will cause lucid dreaming… Not the other way around. :sleep:

If you run out of ideas what to do in your lds theres a thread(or 3 actually) on this forum titled “things to do in ld”.Im sorry but i cant remember where are they exactly but im sure "search "button will produce few results.
good luck

just be patient… it took me like 2 weeks to remember dreams to me and it took me 3 months to ld . but its worth it!!! i can tell ya.

if you dont know what to do just look the trailer of matrix reloaded it will give you some ideas :cool:

As for your suggestions on what to do, at the back of my dream journal I have a page. On one side is a list of dates that I had LDs (pretty empty eh?) and on the other side is a list of things (or people :wink: ) that you want to do in an LD.

yea, Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming is a great book. it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find either. it was at my local barnes and noble, finished reading it in like a week… plan on reading it again soon. just reading it helps dream recall/ld’s.

also, with your journal you should write down your dreamsigns so you can be more ready for if the reoccur. also, just like raging canadian, i’ve written a list of things and people, hehe, i wanna do. LD’s are so cool, don’t give up… you’ll love it!

I’ve been trying to have LDs also, but no success yet. I’ve been trying to have them for about half a year now. I can remember my dreams easily after I wake up but I just don’t have the time to write them down right away. I always end up writing them when I get home from school and forget some or most parts of it :sad: . I remember one dream where I almost became lucid after looking at an object and saying “I am dreaming” to myself repeatedly during the day. So don’t give up yet. I haven’t given up even though it’s taking me a very long time :grrr::grin:. I just takes time and who knows, you’ll probably have an LD before me :smile: .

NoCturnal DrAgoN,

If you don’t have time to completely write out a dream, quickly jot down keywords from the dream that will enable you to better remember it later on in the day. For example, if you dream about flying over a city and doing a whole bunch of things, you’d write something like: flew over city, landed, met man wearing hat, told me “lucid dreaming is fun”, flew again, visited store, ate candy, woke up, etc. etc. Just write down the main points of the dream and then you should be able to fill in the inbetween parts of the dream later on if it was vivid enough.

I’ve used this technique even when I’ve woken up and plan to write the entire dream out right there, because sometimes I can forget things even when I’m writing and thinking about a specific part. Especially write down things people say to you and things you’ve read because I find those can disappear from memory quickly.

Hope that was helpful to you. :smile:

Thanx for the advice :content: . I’ll try to do that every time I wake up from a dream. I just hope I’ll have an LD soon.

Wow, that is alot of good info! All I can add to it is. Make sure not to get discouraged. Maybe set your intentions more tward the recall of non licid dreams. You should recall at least one good non lucid dream a night before setting your intent on lucidity. Sometimes while trying to tell your mind over and over to remeber things such as a dream, or a dreamsign that will induce lucidity. You will create a block of sorts.

 By redirecting your intent to just recall dreams could open a possible mind block that is possibly forming. But this is usually created by just trying to hard to have lucid dreams. But that isn't what seems to be your problem. Seems more like you just need to improve your dream recall. All the obove are awsome ways to do that.

 I simply spend about no more then 5 minutes before bed telling myself that when I wake up. Rember to recall any dreams I might of had. I dont tell myself to dream cause I know I allready do. What I tell myself is to rember the dreams that I am having.

 Lucid dreams are differant. I dont tell myself rember my lucid dreams or even to have them. Once I'm recalling one non lucid dream a night. I find out my dream signs. Then right bofore bed I set my intent to noticing these dream signs, and this will induce lucidity. You will still need to recall this LUCID dream though. So make sure that you rember to recall in the morning.

 Hope that helps a bit  :wink:

Don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll have a LD! I’ve been Dream recalling for a month, and trying to LD for a few weeks. So far I’ve gotten to a very short, not very clear LD, but It got me so excited I’m sure to keep trying untill i’m better at it! Just keep going, chances are soon you’ll have a low leval LD, then they will keep getting better! :alien:

I agree^ I had my first lucid dream when i was little, it was short, but wierd for me(biengs as i didnt understand lucid dreams and didnt get to do nothing) then the next time i had a lucid dream, it was Incredable and So real I can still see it Now(it was years and years ago) and i enjoyed what i thought was a ‘Dream’ very much and was able to do what i wanted to, after that i just thought i was cursed, but kept having lucid dreams, every 3 weeks/1 month or so.

then when i got older they started to go away. and here i am.

dont worry you’ll get there eventually.

ok i am prob just re capping what every 1 here has said but here goes.

Dream recall and i think as this site puts it “whats the use of having a lucid dream and not remembering it?”

Work on your dream recall.

If you were like, and i am sure that u are, all u want to do is go lucid, the dream recall is on the side right?

Well after about a year and a bit i find that dream recall is much more important, i have woken up many times from a ld and only remember the feeling of going lucid and not the actall event!!! WORK ON UR DREAM RECALL

A dream diary is fun to keep, good to read over and after a while u start to learn about ur self as well. I know some peoiple jhere are drawing maps too :smile: i have tryed i have 1 map and it stopped there lol.

Have fun too. One of the things you need is an intent, flying is good a lot of ppl do that or talking to dream charters, but the most important thing is have an intent. With out it the dream can sometimes lack a strong hold and ccan slip away or you will find you have lost lucidity.

Dont give up. I used to have ld 3 times or more a week, now i am down to 1. This is due to my heavy school load and right now it is very hard my damm exams are up :smile:


  1. Dream recall
    2.Intent and have fun
    3.Dont give up

oh and robally set ur self a routine as well, sometimes it can be hard tofollow but keep it up. Reward your self for doing well trust me

This is from my experince so if any one else has anythign else to add plz do



I have been trying for 2 whole years and have yet to get a
decent LD.

All I had were low level lucids…but well…
Better than nothing! :grin:

2 years??? and still no ld, how serious do you take it?