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Hello, I am trying to lucid dream for 2 years now and only had 1 lucid dream because of a reality check. I think it is a pretty low count and I think It’s like that because I am a very analytical and structural person, so I am maybe unconsiously spending less attention to my dreams… Btw I also have LOTS OF HOBBIES, like 10 or 12 which I do almost every day, so maybe I am not focused enough .Long story short, does anyone have tips to lucid dream for me?(PS: I have been using RC’s(DILD) and dream journaling, tried WBTB once and I am trying WrILD and MILD since Yesterday. I didn’t use WILD or DILD yet because I am afraid of sleep paralysis… ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯). So, I hope you can help me and others with this problem. Happy dreaming!

Hello and welcome to LD4all :wave:

I’d like to call myself an analytical person, too, so I can relate. I also thought that this was detrimental to lucid dreaming for a long time but now not so much anymore. You shouldn’t fall into any traps of false beliefs like that.

Since you say you have a lot of other things you’re doing besides lucid dreaming, distraction and a lack of focus may be more reasonable assumptions. However, constantly immersing yourself in all kinds of activities and constantly making wildly different experiences is also good dream fuel on the other hand. So you can see there are pros and cons to everything you do.

In order to increase your chance of lucid dreams trying out different techniques is a good idea. But make sure you’re not rotating through all promising techniques in your LD almanac too quickly. Once you identified what you feel comfortable with (in particular what’s fun for you and integrates well into your daily routine) you should stick with that for a few weeks at least. In general I recommend MILD (it’s pretty effective for most of everybody) and, if you can bring yourself to do it without excessive sacrifices, WBTB as a boosting technique.

If LDs are a bit elusive for the moment, then let’s talk NDs! How content are you with your dream recall? How much do you enjoy your dreams? Ever tried analyzing or interpreting them? Any interesting findings? Don’t neglect your dreams in general (and that means NDs at the moment) on your pursuit for lucidity. A fine sleep hygiene and a healthy relationship to your dreams are the fundamentals for lucid dreams.

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Thank you very much for this reply :slight_smile: I’ll try that out! Tysm!! I’ll try to improve my sleep hygiene and maybe I should change my mindset too :slight_smile: <3 thank again for your very helpful reply (:

At least your analysis looks good and honest regarding yourself, TryToDream :slight_smile:

The more you will pay attention to your dream world, the more it will require / attract your attention in return, in addition to becoming also more interesting for you.

If you are obsessed with LD you will dream lucidly.

In the best cases I experimented, your dream environment and your dream characters will even help you to become lucid (send you wink, yes).

So yes, in the end it is mostly a matter of choice (like most of the things in our lives actually), and just like the oracle tells Neo in the Matrix movie. :wink:

So how much do you want to be lucid ? :wink:

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Yes you are very right. Dreams get more attractive when you pay your attention on them.
But I don’t want lucid dreams.