Can't open my eyes during Lucid Dreams

Ummmm, I think that it is the biggest issue I have ever had in Lucid Dreams. It looks like that: I become aware of a dream and I do something for a few moments but in a moment my eyes close and I can open them really hard, as if someone had put glue into them. I can open them only with my hands, but they still close and close again… I can feel touching but I have no vision. I try to use spinning technique after opening them but it doesn’t help much.

What could I do to prevent that!? It destroys nearly all lucid dreams. I would have dreams lasting tens of minutes, if that didn’t occure.

I know what i’m about to say isn’t what you asked for but…
(please don’t take this the wrong way)…maybe you’re not ready to see something?

um!? There’s nothing I shouldn’t have seen in my LDs…

Maybe just don’t focus on opening them too hard. Just try, with your eyes closed, to visualize something in your head, as you would do IRL…

If i try without hands I can do nothing. I will try your visualization technique, I’ll experiment…

Hmmm…try to use a spiritual sight, rather than physical sight. Open your mind’s eye, rather than your physical one, and try to see with that. Sometimes in overcoming LD problems you must use loopholes.

Oh! That’s interesting!

I don’t know if there is a method to doing that, though. It may be hard, but alot of times in LD’s, doing something like that only takes belief. :smile:

I think youve got to completely remove the concept from your head.

LDing is funny, if something happens once, and you have it in the back of your mind like your expecting/worried it will happen again, it usually does.

It’s all just willpower but these little things can be pretty annoying. Maybe you could envision some magic eye drops that will allow you to see perfectly.

Or pull out a pair of glasses that you know are going to let you see properly.

But try never to think “Is it going to happen this time, oh no its going to start to happen” because then its going to. Try and be completely optomistic that your vision is going to be normal. From the moment you become lucid yell out loud “This time, I will see perfectly the whole time!” and make sure you believe it.

Helpful advice. Self-suggestion is pretty important… I’ll try wearing those kind of glasses. Thanks!

or just take the clamps off them :razz:

try something imaginative

Most problems in LD’s only takes a little imagination, you are right, sirius. Once you get into and LD, you really have no need for techniques and methods, you only need imagination.