Can't quite become lucid...

I have yet to have a proper lucid dream (I had one about a year back, but the lucidity was right at the end of the dream, and it was only a few seconds before I woke up, and I had very blurry vision). Anyway last night I was reading a topic on a method called chaining and I thought that I would give it a shot. I had my alarm set for about the middle of my time asleep. When it woke me, I got up, attempting a WBTB+WILD, I can barely remember what happened, but I definitely fell to sleep unaware I was dreaming. However, I awoke right at the end of the dream, which was very vivid. This was when I attempted chaining. I first attempted the FILD method of moving two fingers, after a few tries it did not seem to be working, but then at the end of my third try I tested the nose RC and I could still breathe through it. As I was breathing through my nose I was a bit shocked as I was not expecting it at all, but immediately after breathing through my nose, I realized that I was still aware of my real body, it was almost as if I had the faintest dream forming, all the while still aware of my real body.

This was the first sign I had had of any lucid activity since my first lucid experience which I mentioned above, so I dared not move and try and fall asleep while still aware, so I lay very still and just kept repeating to myself that I was dreaming while concentrating on my breathing. I was trying my hardest to visualize a dream scene, and I did a few times, but it only lasted a few seconds and the whole time I was still fully aware of my real body. I even tried shifting my consciousness into the dream body, as I was looking at myself in 3rd person at times, and when I did, I manage to look through the eyes of the dream body for a few seconds, but it was all very vague and felt more like a visualization than an actual dream.

Does anyone know why this happened and why I couldn’t quite slip into a full dream?
Any tips on how I can actually enter a dream at this stage?

try to touch things and to stabilize the dream…

and i have a question…
im trying in vain fild but icold not seem to have it…
can you explain your fild in detail…
how you did it etc…
after how many seconde you did RC,how you did i ??
where where you etc
thanks in advance

I’m a bit confused now.
Obviously it was a dream when you did the nose RC, but you could still feel your real body and thus tried to fall asleep again? :confused: In the dream?
To me it seems that it was only the beginning of a dream and that your LD was therefore still a little unstable.
It sounds also a bit familiar to this topic: I always feel my body…

Basically after I did the nose RC, I awoke almost instantly, but it felt like I was half awake the whole time I was doing the nose RC, and every time I was almost a asleep, I kept waking.

So your problem was to get back into the dream after you woke up from your LD?
If so, then you really (as thioli said) simply need to stabilize this dream. Don’t try too hard, the dream will come and form naturally. At first it will most likely just be HH, so it’s logical that all was vague and it felt like visualizations for you.
At the very beginning it’s enough to keep yourself aware (like you did by thinking “I’m dreaming”) during the HH and observe what your mind comes up with. Then, when you feel that the HH start to form actual scenes, it’s time to start slowly (!!!) interacting with the scene. Don’t overdo it and don’t move your real body. Only imagine everything. You can visualize walking down the street, feeling the ground under your feet, smelling the air and touching the walls, the street, your clothes,…
You don’t need to shift your consciousness into the dream body because your awareness is already focussed on the dream when you’re interacting with it.
I hope that this makes sense to you :smile:

Thanks for the help, I will be sure to try this tonight. I am kicking my self because I completely forgot about HH. :wallhit:

I have a similar issue in that I can’t intentionally induce a lucid dream. One article I read gave me some really good advice and that is just believe with your being that you are a natural lucid dreamer and that lucid dreaming isn’t hard.

Dreaming, in general, involves a lot of assumptions and expectations. Maybe that will help you break this superimposed wall.

Well, you were in a dream once you did your RC, but the dream was weak. This can be for a number of reasons, but feeling your RL body isn’t uncommon. I actually just had a lucid dream and I had to fight waking up. From time to time I could feel my real body, and the only way around it is to ignore that feelings at to try to continue stimulating your dream body, through hand rubbing, moving, etc. This is a bit easier said than done and given practice it’s a lot easier.