Can't remember dreams anymore! Need help with WILD.

Hey everyone. Hope you are all fine and having a good time. I have two questions. 1) i was able to remember alot of dreams every night. I remembered atleast 2 or one and a half dreams very clearly. I had been writing in my dream journal. But since the last 4 to 5 days, i feel like i’m not having dreams anymore! i remember nothing, if i try to, all i see is pitch blackness of there last nights. Perhaps i did become a bit depressed on the issues of the girl i liked, but does it have anything to do with my dreams??? Seriously, its like i was at the end in a video game, and suddenly lost all my saved games and can’t play the game again. Or rather like i was at the 21 floor and the elevator suddenly crashed to the basement. I seriously need help. 2) i have tried WILD technique several times, but never been successful. But about 5 to 6 times i remember feeling intense tingling sensation. It is hard to describe. First feeling is that its pain, but its more like spontaneous waves of that tingling feeling. Its like there is thingling inside my limbs and chest. It becomes so harsh that i have to turn side (from my back). And one i turned to the right side and again relaxed and to my suprise that feeling of thingling continued. So by i guess by reflex action i turned again. And all i remember is two or three side changes before i went to sleep. So is this normal feeling? I mean is this one of the symptoms???
extra info (may be helpful): i’ve only had one lucid dream. It was the day i had started to read about lucid dreams, the WILD and MILD. I didn’t quite understand those things but i did do the reality checks and in the dream i did it and became lucid.
I’ve never had one since. I’m a person with really low level of awareness like looking for dream signs and i just take the abnormalities in dreams for granted very easily. Therefore i adapted the WILD technique. I’m always aware enough to reach to thingling feeling, but i always move knowingly, it gets really harsh i guess.
I know alot about the wilds and dreams and their philosophy and the conscious and sub-conscious minds, the brainwave mp3s and stuff, infact i might know alot then some other LDers as wel. I help alot of people with this stuff. I’ve even helped some people achieve some LDs. But never had any myself. ;( do’t know why??? I’ve been trying since this spring season.
hopefully you guys will be helpful. :happy:

Sometimes you will find that if you try too hard at something, it won’t succeed. Don’t try. Just stop trying completely for a few days, get your daily life sorted out and then when you are feeling more calm and level-headed try again. And about remembering your dreams. Well, I’ve become quite attached to having Normal Dreams now, it’s almost like I don’t even care if I’m lucid. I want to achieve lucidity still but just remembering dreams is so rewarding in itself that it ought not be taken for granted.

It’s a good thing you are writing in your dream journal. Continue (when you do remember your dreams, that is!). What I can suggest are the few techniques I have picked up in my research and reading towards the art of dream recall.
I wrote this out in another topic and it is quite a bit of typing to explain, but for you, my friend, I’ll do it again.

  1. Mnemonic Induction of Dream Recall. Same idea as MILD, except, instead of aiming for an LD, we’re aiming for simply dream recall. Before you go to bed repeat any phrase which brings out this general concept. I spent almost 2 days figuring out the perfect phrase for myself. It has to be simple to remember, easy to say in your head and free of any mis-understanding. I use the phrase “When I wake, I will recall my dreams”

  2. Activate your throat chakra before you go to sleep. This one is a difficult one. I read it in a book called “Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light” by Norbu Rinpoche. It is a form of Dzogchen meditation practiced in Tibet by yogis and yoginis. This is an advanced form of dream yoga and/or meditation. What you must do is visualize a white letter A, or the letter which you are most familiar with which represents the sound “Ahhh”. Continuing this visualization move the letter down towards your throat. This is supposed to reinforce dream recall. In my own personal experience, not only does it increase dream recall, it makes dreams very vivid.

  3. Try and wake yourself up during the middle of the night. You actually naturally wake up many times during the night. If you can grasp a hold of these micro-awakenings (and it does take practice… or a crying baby lol) you will find that you can wake yourself up fully, write down your dreams and if you go to sleep easily like I do, you’ll go back to sleep and it’s as though you never woke up!

  4. Read through your dream journal before you go to bed. This not only reminds you that you want to remember your dreams and serves as a motivator, but it also strengthens the concepts of what it is to dream, and perhaps even elevate your level of awareness in your dreams to become lucid!

I hope this post helped. Best of luck.

Hey thank you very much it was really helpful. I actually had a dream last night. I remembered it so well. i considered the idea of just resting for one day and it worked. Although i did try the WBTB. When i woke up in the night i didn’t remember any dream but when i woke up again in the morning i remembered this dream so nicely and it was sooo long too. Thanks so much. By the way i’d really agree with you that just remember vivid dreams is so rewarding that i don’t care if i don’t have a lucid dream. well i would care if i had a WILD :happy: LOL. But thanks though. :smile:

I’m glad I could help. Good luck with the rest of your dreams!