Cant remember to do reality test in dreams.

Hi, I’m new to lucid dreaming.I’ve started learning this since a week.I even had My first Lucid dream using reality checks on the 3rd night .But I want to be lucid every night.I remember My dreams with great detail but I just cant remember to do reality check in dream.Its so frustrating you know Every morning I wake up I remember My dreams and I think “damn! I could’ve done a reality check what the hell was I doing”.My dreams are sometimes strange like a airplane without walls but since I’ve seen in movies airplane crashing its parts falling apart my mind continues to believe its real, most of the times my dreams are normal like friends or relatives(who live far away) around doing some stuff and doesn’t make me think hey what is happening?.For some people who directly fly when they start dreaming is enough for them to realize they are dreaming.How do I incubate some extraordinary dreams that will make my mind think about doing a reality test?.Something so extraordinary that My mind will start screaming I am dreaming? I have been trying to do the WBTB technique but once i wake up and stay wake for more than half hr I don’t get back to sleep easily and after waking up my mind takes a control of its own thoughts go berserk.Reality check is a good method and I’ve formed a habit since a past few days but what are the odds of me doing reality check in my dreams? Is this method helpful in being lucid everytime?

I don’t think reality checks are a reliable way to become Lucid every time you dream. Maybe look at some of the other techniques that can help you become Lucid more often.

The thing about RC is not just too do them, it’s about when you do RC. For example if you often dream about your parents or relatives, then in RL you need to RC whenever you see one of them… Or if you dream about airplanes do RC when you see one…

Also, when practicing RC stop with what you were doing, ask yourself where are you and what are you doing, what you were doing for the last hour or two and what you will do in next one. Then look at your hands or plug your nose, whatever you find more reliable, but experience tells me that it’s always good too have a backup RC…

And the big factor in getting LD is confidence, patience and experience and all that you can gain only if you take enough time, results can’t appear over night!

Good luck!

Yep, I’m trying, for example, do RC whenever I see my mom, as she often takes appearance in my dreams. Just like my school or my work :happy:

Also, it should not be routine, not just pinch your nose and tell yourself it’s waking life, because you feel awake. Look around where you are. Even the smallest things can tell it’s a dream. For exmaple, street numbers. If you see that the house you’re looking at is No. 5, is it logical for the next house to have number 20? All these little details make huge difference :wink:

Assuming that you can read actual number… :grin:

Actually, it may be odd, but I can read quite well in my dreams :smile: Well, in case I’m not lucid, I read most thing once, but sure enough, I see the text pretty same like in real world :razz:

For example in one of my dreams, I was in a library and I grabbed one book (it was ND, just for the record) and that book was huge, like one of those insanely huge books you sometimes see in the shops (I was in a bookshop few days before that dream, and saw one of those huge books and I was wondering how anyone can read that :happy: so, that’s why it appeared in my dream) and I read the title. Then I looked inside the book and after that I decided to put it back on the shelf so I read the title again, so I know where exactly should I put it. And the title hasn’t changed and neither did the book cover :smile:

Jacob, the main reason RC’s fail is that people either use those that are known to be less reliable and they generally don’t practice them enough.

First, the type of RC is important. Some such as reading text will vary from dreamer to dreamer, like in Galactic Kiwi’s case. Also, others like trying to put your hand through a wall can fail due to you expecting them to not work. Generally, the most reliable ones have shown to be pinching your nose and trying to breath and sticking a finger through your palm. It’s also a good idea to try more than one at a time.

The second part is practicing them during the day. If only do them a few times a day or for one specific dream sign, your chances of doing one in a dream goes way down. Also, like dB_FTS said, it’s important to actually think about what you are doing. Even if you’re 100% sure that you’re awake, you should still ask yourself whether you are dreaming and use the RC to confirm. After all, you’re sure you’re awake while you’re dreaming, right?

Like you said, RC’s may not make you lucid every dream, though increased awareness which goes along with practicing RC’s can. No technique is a guarantee, so it’s important to keep your mind open and your awareness up.

I have the same problem with my dreams being to “normal”, so I never just realize that I’m dreaming… Ofcourse strange things happens sometimes, but I’m always like at my school or in my neighbourhood with my friends doing stuff we always do. I want to be one of those people who dream about big unrealistic things, like dragons and unicorns and rainbows and stuff, wouldn’t it be alot easier for them to realize that it’s a dream?

lisa, I have had extremely unusual dreams that I never made the connection before. I’ve battled zombies, met characters from books, flown into space and even died and came back as someone else without realizing I was dreaming. The content of your dream doesn’t matter, you have to maintain awareness. If your dreams are similar to WL you might even have an easier time with awareness. After all, if they really are the same can you ever be sure you’re not dreaming? Maybe you should do an RC…

Haha, I actually did before i clicked submit :smile: I am doing RC’s, I try to do it when someone says something that doesn’t make sense or something wierd happens, I know that I should do it more often, but I tend to forget…

I do like 50 RC’s a day(Nose, hand, clocks, mirrors), and just like - Dreamcatcher- I never do an RC in a dream. My recall is ridiculous, ill average 7 dreams a night that I can fully recall, and yet have not had an LD. Its been around a month and of course I’ll never give up. Around 4/5 of my dreams take place in impossible scenarios such as underwater caverns or decollete worlds. Its amazing I’v never realized that Im dreaming :ohno: