Can't sleep cause scared

I am not shore if this is the place to post this and I am sorry if it is.

The “Stuff dreams are made of” forum is for general stuff about dreams and sleep. I moved your topic into it. :smile:

My question is does anyone have any sugestions to falling asleep when scared. It dosn’t take much for me, scary movie, scary thought, the dark, noises, almost anything slightly disturbing will force me to swet in bed and stare at my door as to not allow anything to sneak up on me, suggestions please. Also if anyone else has this problem it would be a fun topic, am I alone :confused:

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If you’re afraid of something getting you (Nothing will, don’t worry), then maybe you should keep the lights on and have a baseball bat nearby. I have a bat, though it’s more for my family than for myself. (I don’t scare easily) Get your mind off it too, think happy thoughts.


Someone needs a night - light!

No, seriously, that happens to me sometimes, too. :yes: It only seems to happen at night when it’s dark (I take naps in the daytime, too). It can be difficult to stop the thoughts sometimes, even so much that I try hiding under the covers…:scared:
If it doesn’t stop, try turning on the TV, keep the volume smewhat low, and set it on sleep, having one on will most likely eliminate the fear. If you don’t have one in your room, try your hardest to think about something completely different, anything that is enjoyable to you.

hmmmm… I do have a tv in my room, never gave it much thought, it might work, but the problem with that is it sets the mood so well for something spookey to happen… I no, I am hopless, everything plays with my mind, lol. Plus I do have a fish tank which I turn the light on. And just for the record this dosn’t happen often, but when it does it hits me hard. I just don’t want people to think I am like 10 years old. :smile:

Well If you don’t mind wasting a bit of electricity, what I sometimes do is turn the radio on low and fall asleep, (the background noise for some reason gives me a sense of safety, also you won’t be able to hear the cracks and creaks that houses only seem to like making at night) also, I reccomend a bright nightlight preferably right next to your bed.

Hope I helped, and good luck with all your nightly doings. :smile:

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Guess my advice is a little old now, still…hope I helped! :content:

You may have also learned you need to type faster. :wink:
But your advice is still valid. At least you’re experienced at getting scared and know one thing that works.
I don’t get scared too easily. But I do know that getting your mind off scary things can help. Is it that easy for you or am I dreaming? Can you just focus on lucid dreaming and trying to dream, or do scary thoughts flutter into your head at that point? Don’t try to fuel your fears by thinking more about it. Maybe read for a little bit to get your mind off.

Hey I got up to use the bathroom!! :grin:

Our brains are quite adept at conjuring up scary images, aren’t they? :sad: I don’t have a lot of trouble with this when going to sleep, but the times I do, I try to imagine I am im some comforting place, like relaxing in a sunny meadow, or lying down in a lush, green friendly forest with lots of cozy, furry, friendly animals around :smile:

The first step is acknowledging the fears that have a rational basis and identifying those that don’t. If you’ve heard there’s a serial killer loose in your neighborhood, it’s not at all unreasonable to be a little frightened. If you’re afraid something will pop out of the closet where you just hung up your clothes, that’s unreasonable.

The most likely scenario is that you’ve got something running through your head that’s disturbing you. Could be a scene in a movie, or something someone said to you, anything. Then your tired brain magnifies this in the dark, creating a sort of vague, indiscriminate sense of fear. I’ve had this happen to me from time to time. The trick is to just let go of these instinctive feelings. I’ve heard some people suggest detaching yourself from your brain and then pretending to coolly observe your own thought processes. Oh, look at what I’m thinking now! Just because there was a sudden noise, that brain of mine is going crazy again. How silly. That sort of thing, you know?

I used to be scared all the time… I found it helps to sleep with a night light on. After a while the light would bother me so much that it wasn’t even worth keeping it there, so I decided simply not to care about being scared. I know that the only thing I have to be scared of at night, is fear itself. Mostly, I’d worry a lot about getting SP, but I figured the worst thing that can happen is that I’ll be very scared. So what then, I’ll be scared, then I’ll calm down and it’ll be over. I’ve never heard of anyone dying from fear, so now when I get scared I just have this “I don’t care” attitude, and it goes away. :smile:

Nowdays I also do reality checks every time I get scared, it helps a lot. If it’s reality, I know nothing will happen, and if it’s a dream, then I go lucid. :happy:

Dream on. // Olesia

I’m not used to have that kind of problems…

I think the best way to take that bad images of your mind is trying to blank them, puting an end for any imagination moves for a while. After that, even sounds and musics that may have been stuck in your mind may get away…
Well that works for me!

Can’t sleep, clown will eat me.
Can’t sleep, clown will eat me.
Can’t sleep, clown will eat me.

Just stay up all night and hang around on the forum. That’s what I do when I’m to scared/energetic/tired (yes, too tired) to sleep.

I used to get scared at night and what I usually did was turn on the light and read a book until I felt better, it really helped to take my mind off of fear.

Just do something that will help you to take your mind off of your fear, just trying to ignore your fear will probably make you feel even worse.

well, the only advice i can give that would always work, is to find something else to keep your head busy. doesnt matter what it is, but it had better interest you, or you will get bored and fall back on your being scared over ghosts or whatever. my mind tends to wander in every direction, no matter how hard i try to focus on boring stuff, so finding something fun to think about will be very helpful.

the problem, though, is to find something that you can think of every time. this is pretty much dependant on the person, too, so i cant give much advice here. but if you are the imaginitive type, like me, you could try to make a little fantasy world with lots of mages standing guard in the distance, with big pointy hats and long wooden staffs, chanting some really powerful incantation for a ward. then place yourself inside, with nothing but things/people you feel comfortable around. or maybe make yourself the mage?

and if you know 8-bit theater, you should know the Hadoken. let’s just remove the once a day limit, and let loose some pain on whatever is making you scared. in my experience, uncontrollable rage helps with fear :tongue:

Think of an even scarier thought as a consequence of not sleeping… ( will eat you if you don’t sleep by a certain time…)

Hey, it works for kids. :tongue:

Hey I have that problem big time after watching a scary movie, just last night I watched Silent Hill, not a scary movie but when you think of all that gore, you start to get terrible thoughts into your head. :scared: I didn’t think I was going to sleep last night, but I decided to leave my computer on, my fan on, my T.V. on, and go to bed that way, it really helped me. I was also exhausted because it was a long day, so that helped alot too. :wink:

heres some advice. I had trouble once after some RE homework (i had to find pictures of suffering, some of which deeply disturbed me), and after seeing something that really scared me. My advice is to watch some comedy or something. As long as it is funny, it will do. It worked for me, so i hope it works for you.

How old are you mate like 10?

I remember when I was very young I used to get very paranoid when I was falling asleep. I used to think someone was going to break into the house and stab me. I used to sleep on the floor in the hallwaywith a knife next to me and quickly wakeup in the mornings so my family couldnt see me.

Also if I ever heard the X-Files music that day it would take me a few hours to get to sleep that night. I dont know why but the X-Files music used to creep the hell out of me as a kid even though I loved watching it.

Just letting ya know that I know what your going through, and it does stop in time. It stopped for me when I was about 12-13.

If your older than that come on man just reassure yourself that theres no such thing as the boogy man and get over it.

I watched Hostile last night. I slept like a baby…yea I think that kids are prone to take things literally.