Can't sleep

Every time now when I try to have a LD I can’t sleep. I will lay still with my eyes shut for a while but I stay up. And then eventually my mind starts to think about other things and I don’t have a LD because of it I guess. And now every night I don’t end up sleeping until it is really late. Is this normal or does anyone have any advise? :help: TY

Perhaps you want it too much. People who are new to LD (like myself) want to have a LD ASAP. I mean, wow, how amazing are LDs seriously?! You want to explore a world you’ve only just fully learnt about, and you want to dive into it head first and get stuck in.
Perhaps you’re trying to go to sleep too early?
Perhaps, like I said, you’re getting too excited about it, wanting it too much?

Just go to sleep normally and keep recording any dreams you remember, keep practicing RCs and one dream, you’ll look at your hand and your whole perspective will change :wink:

yeah that’s probably it thanks.