i just need some reassuring words from my fellow ld’ers…or ld’ers who can’t ld. I’m having trouble getting back into rc’s, suneye, and the such. help meeeeee…bleagh

“Bleagh” … I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m getting way too lazy, I haven’t remembered a dream or done an RC in like week … not one where I actually thi k about it anyway. I feel so … unambitious. That’s it, tonight I’m going to bombard myself with reality checks, suneye, WILD, WBTB, MILD, anything I can think of. I can’t stand being so far away from my dreams! Meh! Back to the point, don’t worry, keep going, you’ll have an LD, just keep practicing, I know you’ve heard it all before and you’re probably rolling your eyes at me but just follow the advice, it’s much better than it sounds, don’t give up! :happy:

Ive only had 3 lucid dreams I can recall. I know what ya mean man. But I just discovered that there was a name for it today. So I might be able to start finding some more symbols. Just keep trying man.

Reality checks haven’t worked for me but I have had lds without them. Even with good dream recall it is hard to recognize when you are dreaming but I say keep trying.

RCs only worked for me once, and that was about a week after I said screw you reality checks and stopped doing em. I know what your going through though, since starting in August I’ve had 4 LDs and thats including 2 lucid moments so in reality only 2 blurry low level lucid dreams :sad:

If you’s really want to lucid dream, you’ll have to do reality checks. I was like you’s for the past 3 or 4 years. Yearning for lucidity and hoping to get lucky. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year I became serious. I started doing reality checks. Every 10-15 minutes all day long. I really wanted to have lucid dreams!! Lo and behod, I have had approximately 12-15 lucid dreams since the beginning of the year. Don’t give up. It’s worth your conscious awareness!! :cheesy: :wiske:

oh my Multi Millionairess you are ambishis (lol! I’m not even going to try and spell this late at night!) Keep on going fellow pre-LDers! I’m sure 1 of these days we’ll get lucky!

Oh,thank you.I’m glad I’m not the only one who keeps taking breaks off of practicing. :content: It’s really hard to keep a dream diary sometimes.I’d have four dreams in one day,and I’d say that I’ll write them down tomorrow.By tomorrow I’d forget one and I wouldn’t be able to remember the ones I had last night :sad:

It doesn’t help when I haven’t had a good LD for three months.I guess I’ll just have to keep on trying.

Suneye; what is that?

i’ve been that way plenty of times, and it’s very depressing. what happens is once you take one day off of your LD practices, it gets easier and easier to take the second day, then the third, etc.

but it also has the reverse effect, the more days you stay consistent the easier it is to stick to it. just start up again and try your best not to take that 1st day off. good luck! :content:

aw, thanks guys. I’m back in the groove again!

I wish all the other dreamers out there success in there lucid dreaming journeys! :smile: