Cant stay awake

I cant stay awake long enough to enter lucidity does anyone have any tips?? :help:

if you are using the WILD method and you can not stay awake try counting every breath that u do or just count your clock tick. You can try other methods such as MILD or VILD. A good thing to do is combine WBTB with WILD - so go to bed at night normally say 11:00pm and set your alarm for about 5:30 am - then wake up walk round the room and read about lucid dreaming and have ur mind full set on LD’s then go back to bed and use WILD by counting your breaths and tapping your index finger after every breath.
Hope this helps a bit. :wink:

Lately, I have had good results with relaxing until HI appears, then noticing the HI and trying to imagine a scene which resembles it. The concentration makes it take a little longer time to fall asleep.

I mostly concentrate on my breathing, while falling asleep and doing WILD, and as Siiw said I also wait until the HI appears and try to change it.
And sometimes I even listen to relaxing music (mostly new age, or something soft, without the singing) while concentrating on doing WILD, but some people say that music keeps them from going to sleep at all, so if this happens the music idea isn’t a good thing to try, but it works for me and maybe for you.


What I do is get a nice tired feeling in my body, go to bed around 11:00, I put in earphones and focus only on my breathing, listen to its deep sound and within 10 minutes ill get sp, vibrations and HI :happy: