can't stop dreaming WoW related dreams.

After 2 weeks of intensive playing (as much as my work and my girlfriend allows me) of world of warcraft i can’t stop dreaming stuff related to the game every night allthought rarely vivid this last one was indeed the most vivid dream i had in ages.

I was doing some boring quest with my friend and got in "The Chared Vale (place from the game) . There there were those huge ogre patrols. The smaller ones were LD Guardians and the extremly large one was guardian guarding the passage to the AP not letting me pass and get OBE. While the small LD guardians attacked us and chased, the big one was very come and was passing right in front of us without paying any special attention. Weird thing is that i was not lucid. It was just as following a pattern. But i know i really badly whanted to pass the AP guardian and everythime i tryed nothing happened just my whole dream vanished and a symbol of some face appeared. That was all that i can look at for a couple of moments and after that everything camed back, we were on the same place and still trying to pass the AP guard then yet again the face came out and then vanished and so on for couple of times, then i woke up.

The face roughtly looked like this (as much as my drawing skills can present it lol)

that is crazy.

very cool.

i’ve played WoW once or twice it’s pretty sweet… i find that, similar to you, when i play Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne i often have dreams about being in the game… especially if i’m playing right before i sleep because then i am still thinking about it while i drift off.

I keep having Halo 2 dreams, lol!

I stopped playing Wow because I was always dreaming about Hord’s raids in Auberdine, they were killing everybody, my screen always froze, I was dying, resurrecting, dying again, it was awful (very like the IRL game though)! :tongue:

Im a big time halo player and I have had many dreams of me being in First person just like how the game is set up but i can see my “dashboard” i guess you would call it. Its completely normal, Im not even holding a weapon nor wearing moljular armour “nerd talk for halo armour” but i can see my health bar, how much ammo I have, the score, ect ect. :cool: