Can't stop waking Up

To start, my entire life I’ve been a restless and light sleeper. In fact, most nights it takes me atleast 30 minutes of lying in bed to finally fall asleep, sometimes it takes over an hour.

BUt, recently I’ve focused my mind very much on LDs and OBEs. I have had one LD but i didnt even remember I had it when i woke up, i remembered I had it about 3 days later when ti just randomly popped into my head.

I’m on college winter break right now with nothing going on in my life, so I have plenty of time to sleep. FOr the past 4 nights I’ve been extremely focused on having an LD, thinking about it as much as possible during the day. ANd now the problem is, I can’t seem to have a dream without waking up right after it. For 3 nights in a row now, I will wake up around 5:15am from a dream, and then I will have about 3-4 more dreams during the night, but each time I have one I wake up. SO basically i wake up at 5, and then wake up atleast every subsequent hour and a half from a dream, so I havent been getting good, quality sleep.

ANyone else experience this??

Hello dbrowe1 :wave: and welcome to ld4all.

Well first of all, you probably wouldn’t remember your dreams if you didn’t wake up after you had them. So it might be a good thing that you wake up :cool: And I think you wake up because you are so excited about getting a LDs. And if your sleep quality is low that probably means that you could sleep longer instead and therefore have a higher chance of getting a LD :grin: Because the longer you sleep the more likely you are to get one. So I don’t think you should worry too much about it unless you are tired all day. I’m also a light sleeper and it usually takes 30-45 minutes for me to fall sleep. But if I sleep only 5-6 hours/night for a week or so I fall asleep within 5 minutes. And you are also more likely to get HI when you are sleepdeprived.

Hope I was helpful :smile:

sure, I´m a light sleeper, and I also wake up after every dream sometimes but as JaRoD just pointed out, that´s a good thing

Actually, everyone that sleeps wakes up after every single dream, it’s just that most people don’t remember this short period of waking up in the middle of the night. You usually wake up, look around, turn into a more comfortable position, and go back to sleep. Most of the time you won’t remember you did this, if you did, chances are it’s because you woke up for a longer period of time than what is normal. I do this alot too, I think it’s from drinking alot of caffeinated drinks, it could also be from the OCD though.

I have actually been trying to train myself to do this. (wake up between dreaming intervals) I find I only wake up between dreams if I pop right out of a nightmare or i wake up out of breath or something.

It takes me like an hour and a half to fall asleep, that’s the average time but when im tired it takes me like 20-30 minutes but if im very tired it can take me 5 minutes.

I really envy my dad, cuz he fall asleep in less than 10 seconds, he’s a heavy sleeper Ogre.