Can't tell if dreaming or awake

HELP NEEDED!!! from lucid dreamers,
Lately, I find myself every day in a “counting sheep” situation while in bed trying to sleep. My eyes are closed and my mind wandered off sometimes.
Especially, when my mind wandered off, I suddenly do not pay attention to whether or not I am still awake, however, I do feel the need to move my body, either to change position or just to scratch an itch, I did it.
Then, I would wake up in shock, like those sudden jump ups from nightmares, later, I would not be able to go back to sleep for the rest of the night.

Does anyone have similar experience, is there a solution?


imagine that you are sinking into your bed. meditate on the dreams you want. close your eyes and just watch. you will soon see hyponagia type hallucinations behind your eyes. dont let them wake you up. watch them. eventually you will slip into a dream and hopefully get lucid! when you wake up write down what your dreams were, even if you can only manage a few words or a few sentences