Can't use WILD or VILD without fidgeting

Hey, this is my first post.

Basically I’ve been following the ‘Infinity’ program for about a week. It’s working pretty well, I’ve had 2 LDs since I started, a couple of close ones and 2 more LDs about a month earlier. Recently, whenever I try to use visualization I sabotage myself by getting close to dreaming but then remembering that I’m in my bed and becoming aware of my body. E.g. I start noticing that my throat’s dry, I’ve got an itch, etc. And then even if I just try to ignore it I can’t for the rest of the night, and my plan is completely screwed up. :grrr: It even makes it very difficult to get to sleep sometimes. It’s probably some sort of obsessive thing, I dunno. Does anyone have this/know how to fix it?

Dry throat i have the same problem…

Yeah. Not something that can be stopped simply by NOT having a dry throat though, 'cause there’s always something else.

I can never keep my eyes closed

Does anyone know how to solve this??

you’re body will send signals to see if you’re still awake or if you’re asleep. The itching, throat problems, and wanting to move your limbs or roll over is the body’s way of finding out if you’re still awake. The only way to fight those signals is to remain completely still without moving. It’s an endurance test I guess you could say… It’s not easy tho- I find myself awake for an hour or two longer than I want to be sometimes if i’m not successful in fighting those urges…

I can’t believe you have problems with dry throat when mine gets full of saliva and this is a problem, because I have to engulf it and this gets me a step back from my WILD-ing.
I would not be so happy to wake up with a wet pillow :lol:

Lol, ‘full throat’ is also a problem for me.

You should check this out: … hp?t=61525

That link seemed to help. If you use visualization you can ignore them for long enough that they just go away. I tried it while using WBTB, except I couldn’t get to sleep even though my urges to twitch and scratch dissipated.