Can't wake up without alarm

I only wake up when I set my alarm, whats the problem?? you might ask…well heres the deal:

I’ve been trying the WILD technique (if I remember correctly it when you wake up then while going back to sleep you keep yourself aware so you go into the dream lucid) well since I don’t wake up during dreams its very hard to “wake up and go back to sleep” for obvious reasons, when I use my alarm it wakes me up but then I have to find it, turn it off and by the time I do all this I’m pretty much fully awake so going back to sleep and entering a dream is quite hard, so…

How do I make myself wake up during dreams without going through the hassels of the damn alarm clock???

can anyone help??

Thankyou in advance


What ive found is that sometimes when I set an alarm for a time which I would not normally get up at, I seem to wake up 10-30 minutes before its set to go off, which is good I guess.
If this doesnt happen with you though, maybe put your alarm right next to you so all you have to do is reach over and switch it off? thats what Ive been doing- I use the alarm on my phone, and I leave the phone on the side of the bed…

Also, if you sort of tell yourself to wake up in the night before you go to sleep, it might work. It works with me usually, I can never get to wake up at the exact time I want though… Just sort of repeat it in your mind “I will wake at (insert time here)” works for me, Dont know if it does for anyone else though…

that works for me, but i say “… after every REM cycle” instead of a specific time

if that doesn’t work, i suggest drinking water before bed so that you have to get up in the middle of the night to pee. i hate alarm clocks, they’re so abrasive :neutral:

you could always get someone to gently tickle your feet to wake you up :smile:

Really though, I have a similar problem with alarm clocks. There’s a big wooden ‘bar’ running along the bed that I have to reach over to turn it off. I would try another method, but if it’s not reliab le enough then I’ll just end up missing the bus, so it’s only possible to try on weekends.

I also often wake up about 20 mins before my alarm clock would go off, and realise I’ve forgot to turn it on. Which is annoying, because I have to reach over and turn it on, or I’ll just fall back to sleep and forget about it.

I use my mobile phone as an alarm too, the drinking a lot thing won’t work since I don’t want to stand up and walk around, I also wake up before the alarm go’s off but then I have to turn it off so that it doesn’t ring later on…GRRRR! :grrr:

The “tell yourself to wake up at (…)” techniques hassen’t worked for me yet.

any other ideas??


Well… Cant you put the alarm somewhere thats right next to you so you dont have to move?
Or just keep trying telling yourself to wake up, it does work if you try hard enough I think…
I tried last night and woke up twice in the night…


Don’t stress yourself out about this so much. If you can not wake without an alarm then go ahead and use an alarm. Your definition of WILD is slightly wrong. WILD is when you allow your body to go to sleep while you maintain a very slight amount of consciousness. Now the method of waking out of a dream not moving and allowing yourself to fall back into the dream is only one WILD method. There are plenty of others. It is ok to stay up for a few minutes to turn off your alarm, use the bathroom, and jot down a few notes in your DJ. Then lay back down. Use a progressive relaxation technique ( you can find one in the meditation section and in EWLD or get a relaxation tape) and then try WILD. Try not to keep yourself locked into one technique. Experiment and see what works best for you.

well… how long have you used it ??? you can’t use a technique once or twice and claim it doesn’t work, stick with one technique consistently for a while… jumping from technique to technique isn’t helpful, pick one that sounds plausible and make it work for you

Weekdays my clock is set to wake me up at 6:45. On weekends and holidays I always wake up by myself at approximately that time. Of course, I go right back to sleep, but you might try that.

oneiromancer said:

I got the impression that he has tried it for some time. Though I just looked at his post again and he does not say that there. Maybe I got that thought from a different thread he may have posted on. Well if you only tried it a few times I agree with oneiromancer and give it a little more time. It may yet work for you. It works for me.

Thankyou all for your helpfull answers :smile:

The reason I like this technique so much is because its the one that worked for me in the past (right after I became lucid by the RC’s) so thats why I think (and hope) it’ll work again.

I think your right, I was stressing about making sure that I woke up and went back to sleep straight away, but I guess that might not work for me, I didn’t think it was ok to move around too much while trying this so thanx for clearing that up.

I’ll keep trying :cool:


Great I look forward to hearing about your success.

I prefer not to move at all but, when I wake I seem to always at least need to use the bathroom so yes, I have no choice but to get out of bed and go. Then go back to sleep. Just don’t stay up too long.

Good luck and happy dreaming