Can't wake up

Okay, I have been an LD enthusiast for at least a couple of years now. I’ve had maybe 5-10 LDs, the vast majority of which being very short-lived ones. I would very much like more. If I could properly achieve WBTB, a staple technique, I might have more success. The problem is, I cannot wake up. It’s that simple. I have to get up at 6:15 or so to go to school. It takes ridiculous work for my mom to get me up. Sometimes she even splashes me with cold water, and it hardly helps. If I set my alarm clock, I will sleep right through it and it will ring and ring and I will not budge. Autosuggestion works for me maybe 1 time out of 30. Although I don’t get massively overkill amounts of sleep, I think that I get enough because I’m usually alert and don’t fall asleep in school unless it’s really boring and people are falling asleep anyway. Why can’t I wake up? Does anyone have any suggestions? Primarily, is there a proper procedure for autosuggestion that I am missing? Thanks in advance.

Maybe the sound of your alarm clock isn’t loud enough ? When I reallly have to get up early, I put it far away from my bed, if I don’t stop him, it can rings for hours, and it has the most horrible sound…

I have the same problem. I fixed it by setting 3 alarm clocks. Now I get up without my parents help! :tongue:

X_X…I don’t know…I think I should be able to autosuggest…

everyone i know that has mentioned the spashing of water in your face says that if you sleep through a bucket of cold water hurled at you, then you are sick enough for an immediate trip to the nearest hospital. so try that. if you dont jump out of bed within 2 seconds, you need to see a doctor. if you do, then you get a free shower :tongue:

but seriously. you may just need more sleep than is considered normal. if you dont have to get up in the morning, then when would you fall asleep and wake up again? with me, i can sleep for 12 hours without any problems at all, and still be tired when i wake up :bored:

12 hours would automatically make me tired. If you sleep for 12 hours, I wouldn’t attribute that dreary feeling you get afterward to tiredness…it’s probably too much sleep. If I can manage to get out of bed after 7-8 hours of sleep max, I feel good. But any more than that, and I just feel like crap when I get up.

I didn’t mean having cold water hurled all over me. I just meant like a little tiny bit being sqirted/splashed on my face. And it’s not that I sleep right through it, but rather that I wake up and fall right back asleep with little to no remembrance of ever waking up.

I think some of the problems you may have a fairly common; I normally feel tired when I first wake up, unless I wake up natually, which is a rare occurrance with most schedules. In my case, though, I’m just a snooze alarm addict, I don’t have trouble waking up initially…most of the time. :sly:

I do have a question to ask you, if you don’t mind. Does this ever cause you to be late to school on multiple occaisions? That has been a bit of a problem for me for the past couple of years, and just recently, I had enough. Now I’m nocturnal. :bruno:

If you’re young enough to still be in school, you’re young enough to need more sleep in the morning. Studies show that teens need more sleep in the morning. Some of us just have a LOT of trouble getting up, no matter how much or how little sleep we get.

I have to get up around the same time you do in order to get to an early class. If possible, avoid taking a class during that period next year. I, unfortunately, won’t be able to do that next year, so I’ll be getting up at 6:00 for at least one more year. :sad:

Yeah, you should buy about four or five loud alarm clocks and put them as far from each other as possible in your room. I’m talking LOUD alarm clocks here. So loud that you have no choice but to gain some sort of consciousness. If all goes well, you’ll be so afraid that these alarms will wake your family that you’ll jump out of bed, run around the room in a confused daze, turn each off, and then realize you’re in a state that kinda approximates wakefulness. :happy: