Cant you Moderators please stop closing the topics???

I too suspect that many of my posts are being wiped out by one of the moderators. Why? I have no idea. I can’t find them anywhere. Simply because they don’t like a post or don’t agree with it, is no reason to wipe it out. I believe this is an abuse of the authority given to them by Pasquale. I’m sure it’s not every mod, but rather one or two who over exert their authority. With some people, power goes to their head. :bored:

I can’t see the mods deleting posts…are you sure the topic just hasn’t gone onto the next page?

Agent, the mods keep records of all their actions in the moderator forum.
Post are never actually deleted, but moved to a hidden forum for other moderators to understand the action.

Our team of moderators are a very trustful bunch and I don’t doubt that their actions are justified. I don’t find evidence of any of your post being deleted.

It would help if you posted details about which thread or post that is missing. Please post exact URL or titles of threads in question. We can’t really look into it without these details.

If anybody questions the actions of Mods, it would be best to PM or email the mods or pasQuale. This would address your questions quicker than this thread.

I totally agree with the mods closing down some topics that have been answered 1000 times before and are also answered in the non-forum part of this site. I have trouble enough getting through all the posts as it is and it’s tiring to continuosly answer the same questions. The mods have a good reason behind every topic they close! Go mods!


I don’t think I have ever had a post deleted. I find it hard to believe that any of the mods on this site would delete a post out of malice. Everyone on this site is very friendly, open minded, and (to the extent possible) pro free speech. What kind of posts did you make that you think were deleted.

Hehe… someone ressurected my post that was made like 2 years ago… :smile:

I have not noticed much of this issue lately either, but there was a bit of such moderation right after ld4all moved to new forum…

Have you tried to click on view my posts. Maybe you just did not post to the topic you thought you did. Just a thought. Could even be a computer error and not intentional.

Perhaps my problem is that I cannot find some of my posts anywhere, so I assumed they were wiped out by one of the moderators. However after reading the responses I now believe it’s possible that my posts were simply moved around.

I know the mods here are decent good people and I never meant to infer that my posts were being deleted from pure malice. It’s frustrating though when I look and look and look and cannot find where they are. I had best write down on a piece of paper exactly where I post so I’ll know where to find them.

However let me make it perfectly clear that I never meant to imply that the mods are in any way malicious and to the contrary I find them to be fair and using good judgement. Case closed. :wink:

Have you checked out the “view my posts” link on the forum index?

You can view your profile … ile&u=2379

from there you’ll find a link to query the forum for all of your post :smile:

EDIT: sno beat me to it! :wink:

but here is also the direct link for Agent11421: … Agent11421

EDIT: neato, and this is the link for anyone to query themselves: … =egosearch
same as the link on the homepage, but I found humor in the URL “egosearch” :lol:

I actually think there need to be more BIG threads, or a FAQ put together… coughwikibookcough

Perhaps a BIG first lucid dream thread? People often post them in Quest for Lucidity (mistake number one) and ask questions in that topic instead of Intro (mistake number two).

It still wont stop such threads as, was this lucid? and I can’t Lucid dream wining!!!

People need to have more patients. I’ve been at Lucid Dreaming for a year and a half (I think) and my LD count is OK, I guess.

The best bet to do is to wined the mods up. OK, I only joke.

I’ve only had topics locked. I don’t beleive my post or topics have been flushed down the bathroom. I find sometimes that my posts have been randomly changed. (Looks in PasQuales direction :tongue: )

Those two need BIG topics too… but the second should be called the “whining corner” or the “moaning corner” or something. I think the topic will create the psots, really, I haven’t seen any of those. People do keep asking for personal tips though, which is quite annoying. Particularly because we don’t know anything about them.

Yes, lol, wining corner.

I expect there to be random changes to my post in this topic now. Lol.

Seriously, maybe we should have an LD FAQ - it would be cool. Or maybe we could just work on what we already have… coughwikibookcoughthird link in my sigcough

OK, I’ll shut up now.

Yes, cough… WIKI BOOK!.. cough

What’s the address again. I want to add it to my webpage.

Open coughs never mind, third link in signature close coughs