Cant you Moderators please stop closing the topics???

Its so annoying… i would understand it if the topic had like 100s of replies, flaming or totally oftopic… but closing topics that has only under 10 replies… I think it was better as it was before.

just a suggestion…

Please read the following:

Its even more annoying with 100s of topics about the same thing. The mod always leve a note why he is closing it, and its often becouse there is a topic already dedicated to that topic.

some of the posts locked i agree on but take for example this one:

It should never have been locked… i was about to reply to that post and: This topic is locked you cannot edit posts or make replies…


Whats the use of just locking them then?? it will still be there, so the forum still has as many topics.

Yes, they will still be there, but when no one replies to them, they will shink down the forum pages, and vanish below the bottom of it. IF we had 100 topic about exact the same topic which were posted to all the time, the forum page would be full of them, and it would be much harder to navigate on this forum. Hope you get it :smile:

If you check that link you will see that it was actually about dreamsigns, not reality checks.

anyways it was just my opinion… i think its just a mess too put everything in one topic, lets say if i replied to that dude on the big reality check topic, then no one would know who im replying too… But general questions like: what is a reality check, how do you do a reality check… and so on… those i agree on should be in one topic.

Okay, now I looked at the topic, and I think I’m starting to agree with you that it was about dreamsigns, not RCs. If the mods wants to make the RC into a common RC/dreamsign topic, they should have called it the big dreamsign/RC topic or something. Any comments from mods? :grin:

Any new topics/discussions will not hurt this forum.

Even if a topic IS about RCs, the person who wrote it put an effort into his/her post. They deserve to have their own topic in which they can voice their thoughts. Topics should be closed if they’re completely irrelevant or out of control. Other than that it won’t hurt the forum, but only make it better.

I think they should be closed if it is a question that has been answered 100’s of times, or that can be answered by looking through pasQuale’s website. Oh, and also if there are many threads about the same topic with similar stuff.

i agree with general questions like: what is a reality check?? should be in one topic, thought i personally dont mind. But the link i posted over should never have been locked, it didnt even belong in the Big reality check post.

It would cause more confusion if i replied to that topic in the Big reality check topic. really hard to reply to one special post, cause there is a whole lot of other posts there so then he would have too read all the da*n 50 posts in there just to find his reply.

Firstly I agree that that particular thread should not have been locked, it seemed more of a dream sign or dream incubation subject.

As for the others the point is that the question should be originally asked in the “big RC/OBE/whatever” thread. You don’t have to look at all 50+ posts only the ones after your question. There is also the good chance that if you did read all 50+ posts you wouldn’t need to post the question in the first place.

If your topic is closed and after reading the “big” topic you don’t find an answer then copy&paste your question over. Its not much to ask to keep the forum less bogged down. If someone wants to ask about RCs but can’t even be bothered to read the “Big RC topic” right at the top of the forum then how insightful is their question likely to be? We should discourage such laziness. :smile:

There should be a FAQ stickied to the forums about each technique… having a bunch of posts jumbled together in one topic is not a good idea and will get disorganized quickly… I think having topics closed and moved around is very annoying, too. But I guess it’s pretty boring being a MOD if you don’t use your powers enough… lol:

Nice said :smile:

that post that tomas was referring to was my post. i, too, was wondering why it was locked. as he said, it really was about dreamsigns, but not having been keeping up with my lucid dreaming stuff for a while, i forgot.

I think it’s funny that pretty much my only post has generated a little controversy… haha.

Anyways, i suspect they locked it based on the subject, not having read the whole thing. perhaps they should just be more careful. If it really was about RC’s, it would make sense to block it (maybe), but they need to make sure. Probably just a topic subject change was in order.

To prevent this forum from cluttering up with the same topic spread over multiple threads, all general questions and postings about popular subjects should be posted in the BIG topics. :tongue:

But, new threads about - for example - WILD can be started if it is not general, but something specific that does not belong in a general WILD discussion. The subject of the topic should be clear about this! :woah:

Still, something can be said for unlocking the dreamsign topic mentioned above, and that is what I did. The thread has been renamed to “dreamsigns”. :gni:

If somebody feels a thread was/is incorrectly locked, just send a PM to one of the moderators. :smile:

There we have it again. Hypnodude locked the topic even if it was easy to see that it was about the jerking in the body many people experience without trying to maintain WILD, not about WILD in any way. Now I have send a PM to Hypnodude, so hopefully he will open it again. But it is things like that which makes me feeling a bit tired of the locking of topics on this forum, even if I am positive to much of it.

I totally agree with you there… :bored:


I’ll remove the lock :confused:

Oops… Sorry about that… I think that’s my fault… It was supposed to be… which isn’t about wild at all, but rather the jerking sensation… I forgot to change the little number at the end when I copied the link… Sorry… Sorry… I apologize… Sorry…

Maybe only posts similar to the big topics should be locked? Might be a good compromise…

Thx :smile: