Car Flying

Has anyone else flew in a car before? I can’t fly normally but i flew in a car :confused: its pretty cool

No i haven’t…but that sounds like something interesting/different to do tonight.

How did you fly the car, was it like an airplane with controls, was it mental etc?

Well i don’t have an excellent dream recall, you see. I think i remembered the dream more clearly at the time but it was a while back and i didn’t write it down so i don’t remember much now.

All i remember is becoming lucid somehow whilst i was driving normally. Then i just sort of took off, i don’t remember how i did it i just wanted to do it and it did. It was just a normal car, i could steer it in the air with the steering wheel no complicated controls.

Yeah it was pretty mental, I could just feel sort of air rushing past me if that makes sense it felt really real if you try it succesfully tonight please report back to me

i do it sometimes and it is quite an interesting way to fly.

the first time ever i saw my uncle’s truck while lucid and thought it would be fun to “steal” it however i ended up making it fly and perhaps hit a house (houses and powerlines and obstacles in the way of flight for me represent doubt and lack of confidence in my abilities to do whatever i imagine and wish)

Power lines also appear at the borderland between lucid dreams and OBEs. As the energy body condenses further on the continuum from lucid dreams to OBE it reaches a critical treshold and start to interact with the Heaviside component of the electromagnetic flux. The result: you are forced to cross the lines or fly along them for a while. The hallucinatory component of these dreams can be quite remarkable. You can fly with carpets, bicycles or cars in a screwed up environment and still being affected by the lines.

I flew in a car Last night. heheh.
I had to press a huge button on the steering wheel
for it to take off into the skyway :smile:

Check my DJ for details, last entry:

Hm, flying in a car is not a bad idea. That must be pretty ok, but… Flying without a car is better for me. In car i couldn’t heard fluttering clotches, a whistle of wind, etc. there is not so much a feeling of being free in it.

The car flying actually worked quite well, however it did not turn as I had expected.

An account can be read here:

I agree with DeadDuck. If flying for the sake of flying, you attain the best feeling of freedom when just by yourself. Nothing beats feeling all the sensations at once.

However, if you look at transportation as just a tool, and you don’t really care for the sensations, why limit yourself to only a car? I’d use a glass room or something that I could see through and have couches/electronics/mini kitchens all available to me while I’m flying and enjoying the amazing view.

Who needs glass rooms? Just have the couches/electronics/mini kitchens fly along with you :slight_smile:

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Yeah good point, however that is more of an advanced thing to accomplish for a lucid dream. I thought a room would be much easier (which is why this topic is about a flying car, because for some reason we can picture ourselves flying a car) to fly.

Either way, I’m trying out your suggestion, because that would be pretty sweet. Just have to get down the whole getting from couch to kitchen while flying thing :razz:

I gave the flying couches/refrigerator/T.V. thing a try last night, I slightly modified it be making a fllor of air to enable me to walk from thing to thing. It was a very comfortable ride, albeit rather slow, that transported me about 90 miles.

I have never flied in a car before, but shovels i have done ^^ Check my dream journal if you want to read about it :smile: That was pretty cool.

i assumed they often simply resembled lack of confidence, can you elaborate on this border a lot more, and what exactly happens if you cross power lines in an LD and go into an “OBE” is there a tangible discernable difference between where you end up upon crossing, or is it still dream like?