i’m just wondering if there are any careers regarding dreaming, the powers of the mind, conciousness etc.

Exactly the same thing has been running through my head for the last few weeks! Love to here some answers.

I suppose you could do a Uni course that covers the workings of the mind (eg. Physcology) and then become a proffessor or something.


As ceavou mentioned, I think you’d have to begin by studying psychology or a related subject. From there, I guess you just need to be lucky to land a position researching unconscious psychological behavior. Maybe if you write on your resume “Trained by Stephen LaBerge” you might get a standing place for a job. :grin:

Reiki Master
Dream coach
Spiritual Healer
Psychic Chaneller :…:

philosophy and theosophy must have something to do with dreaming…?

anyways, I stick to the quote “No worse than us. He’s all action and no theory. We’re all theory and no action.” - waking life


i am really excited by the thought of a career in dreaming, and am bound to take this option.

i suppose i see the first step, as gatherings, to meet dreamers in my local area. as you really need to connect with people who are interested in going the same direction.

Eventually, you could begin to run dreaming workshops, such as those talked about in Robert Moss: Dreamgates. There is lots of detail on the workshops, they run at:

He runs all kinds of different workshops, how to dream your way towards a job, communicating with animal spirits, all kinds of interesting stuff. apparently, they also use dream theatre as a way of bringing out the vibrant energy of a dreamer’s dream, before the group… it sounds like so much fun.

With such a gathering, it wouldn’t have to be limited to people who follow your specific career path, but you could share knowledge across the group.
I am thinking of opening a section of the webforum, I maintain, so that people from all aorund the world, who live in the same city, can link up and begin to organise their own gatherings.

Ceavou, I notice you are also from melbourne. I am hoping to get to know some dreamers from round here… Feel free to email me or leave a message here.