Cartoons in dreams

Does anyone have cartoons or “new” episodes created in dreams?

To name a couple, Family guy, Simpson’s, South park, King of the Hill, and X-men.

They are episodes with different plots and settings.

i havent drempt up a new episode of a show but i have had dreams were cartoon characters were in my dreams. they acted like themselfs. it was very strange because i was 3d and he was 2d but he was interacting with everthing normally. like he touched the 3D wall with his 2D hand but itlooked normal. it was very strange.

ive had dreams of anime about Naruto, DBZ, One Piece and Digimon. some of the dreams were entirely 2d but never lasted very long thus i wasnt able to dream up new episodes.

I ALWAYS have cartoons in my dreams. Mostly, it’s anime. Usually it’s not about new episodes or stuff, it’s like they are in real life, so it isn’t considered fiction.

Great replies.

Mine are with plots that are uncontrollable.
Change of setting, even more then two times.
2d, same vocals and appearance.
Then go too and from normal dreams.

Even during lucid living experiences they’re controllable and uncontrollable.

Would like to hear more replies on this subject.

the other night i dreamed about DBZ again for some reason. i havent watched an episode in ages. maybe just thinking about it causes me to dream it

anyway, the setting was entirely 2D but in a place ive never seen or been too (until then :tongue:) i saw Shenron and all the fighters, and Piccolo was arguing with Vegeta about something. but the arguing scene looked like a videogame since i could see status bars. it lasted about 5-10mins before the dream scene changed entirely.

ive never had a LD in a cartoon setting though. i should try that

every night

simpsons, king of the hill
about my family and myself, and how we are progressing in life

Weird… my dreams are in a series. I will have a dream then months later i will have the same dream except it will be longer and tell more of the story but the part that i dreamt earlier will be the exact same. Kinda strange. :confused:

That’s awesome, I wish I could do that, yeah. :grin:

I’ve dreamed about TDI once or twice, and they were new “episodes”, I guess. :smile:

I once dreamt of an entirely new manga, and looked at the pages in awe; too bad my DR was bad at that time, and i forgot everything of it. :sad:

Not too long ago I had a dream that involved some characters in bleach. It was presented as a new episode I guess, but it really had nothing to do with the story of bleach. Basically, Rukia got kidnapped.
Gee, I wonder where I got this inspiration for this original plot?
I think I once had one about lucky star, too. I can’t remember it too well, though.

I used to get a lot of cartoon dreams when I was young. I even distinctly remember some childhood LD’s of Dragonballs and Dragonball Z. Now that I don’t watch TV as much, the cartoon dreams are next to nonexistent.

I can remember one dream specifically that involved the anime naruto , Sakura, naruto, and sasuke were sitting on a tree log when a black sparrow landed in the area in front of them, pulled out a wallet, and started counting the money in the wallet (he was counting it greedily with a evil smirk on his face). Naruto then said “that is one bad birdie”. He and his friends then snickered and then the dream ended.

Many years ago had a dream, the ground was just plain white (like in magic roundabout), everything was cartoon, I remember cartoon burgers bouncing around, cartoon tubes of toothpaste and such, very surreal. I was a cartoon character too! - tho don’t recall what now. I suppose the only reason I still remember is because it was so wierd.

Once, I dreamt a cartoon, but I was the main character of the cartoon. It was pretty strange